Saturday, November 5, 2011

Allison Harvard - Underwater

Allison Harvard
I begin to notice this big-eyed porcelain doll look alike girl on a television show, American Next Top Model All Star Cycle 17, that she has something special far beyond modelling. I am not a fan of ANTM and I'm beginning to watch this show just because of Allison and her story is quite interesting which made me watch the previous Cycle 12 where she came out. Underestimated because she don't know how to walk the runway and you can really hear other contestants laughing at her. She said that she auditioned because was into art and photography. She really improved a lot, she has a high-fashion look and appeal, versatility (she can be gothic, weird, innocent, fresh, scary, nerd, cute, sexy), a lovely and humble personality, and took great pictures to top it all off but ended runner up during her cycle and many were disappointed of the results.

During the recent last episode of ANTM Cycle 17 aired last November 2, they made music lyrics and Allison was having a hard time because she's not into music thingy that made her worried and might be the next eliminated. Rapper Game was guest to that episode and assisted the models to make their own music video. It was so obvious that Game really admired Allison's weirdness and uniqueness that made him say, "Her face is a piece of art" which I agree as well.

During making Allison's music video, I was kinda relieved that she won't be eliminated and Game enjoyed so much while watching her. She was the first one to call out because the judges were very impressed with her music video:

I am really in love and proud of her that she made it but I guess her father whom she dedicated this song was more proud of this.

You can download her music in mp3 format "Allison Harvard - Underwater" here.

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