Friday, December 31, 2010

Youth Hostels

In 1932, an International Youth Hostel Foundation started in Amsterdam. It was discovered unintentionally by a German teacher who stayed one cold evening together with her students in a farmer’s shelter. As a result of that, youth hostels are now recognized worldwide because it is inexpensive, clean and it provides comfy accommodation for younger generation.

But there are times; individuals mistakenly think youth hostels as any other extravagance or uptown hostels, which is completely wrong. These hostels provide lodging at reasonably price for the short moment in time. Many people would stay in a youth hostel because it is specifically situated in a beautiful or tourist spot location. The guests residing in hostel often cook their own food, prepare their own beddings and do other activities like watching DVD/TV, surfing the Internet, partying or mingling with other guests. You can search hostels in Buenos Aires, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil to name a few with discounted services thru online.

It is indeed a worthwhile experience to stay in hostels. You’ll have the chance to socialize other travelers, mostly young people, who can share a few of helpful information on the places you want to travel around. There are also chances that you can tour along with the guests if you are traveling alone.

Youth hostel is the best solution for young people who travel on a budget. Practicality is the main reason why there are so many travelers choose hostels as their ideal option. Therefore, if you are planning to take a trip and do not have enough cash to stay in a five star hotel, youth hostels are the answer.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stay in a Hostel

If you are traveling around the world on a budget, staying in a hostel is the best way especially when you're spending your Christmas Eve or this coming New Year 2011 or any special occasion to another country. Hostels are usually made for backpackers and students who love to travel because they are reasonably priced and they can reserve a room right away. So you won’t be having a difficult time to look for a place to stay even if it is your first time to visit the place.

Staying in a hostel is another choice to the typical cheap hotels when traveling. Hostels are conveniently built in every part of main cities and even located in some smaller urban. A hostel is mostly a large room set up in a dormitory room design. Hostels are inappropriate for travelers who are wealthy or looking for privacy but these are ideal for travelers looking for a neat, inexpensive and secure place to sleep before they’re heading to their next trip. Hostels have also shared living accommodations which that includes the kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms.

If this is your first time to visit the place, don’t hesitate to ask questions about any information activities. The hostel staffs will keep on maintaining the safeness and will normally handle any problems to keep their visitors pleased.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watch Charice on Glee Season 2 Episode 1

Charice Glee
I got this video from someone's facebook account and it was originally uploaded by Journey4AP9.

These are the scenes where you can find Charice Pempengco, playing as Sunshine Corazon on GLEE Season 2 Episode 1!

Songs sang by Charice:

Telephone by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce
Listen - Beyonce

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online

Watch the complete video coverage of Miss Universe 2010 Online:
Jimena Navarette - Miss Universe 2010
Top 15

The Judges


Top 10

Evening Gown

Special Awards

Top 5 and Q & A

Announcing the Miss Universe 2010 Winner and Runner Ups

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook is the most popular social networking website today that connects people with friends, relatives, workmates, schoolmates and live around them. It is rare to find someone who doesn't have Facebook account these days. You can even access Facebook while driving, eating or going to bed by using cellphones.

I will share you a complete code list of Facebook Chat Emoticons and their shortcuts:

Name Emoticon Shortcut
Angel O:) or O:-)
Confused o.O or O.o
Cry :'(
Curly Lips :3
Devil 3:) or 3:-)
Frown :-( or :( or :[ or =(
Gasp :-O or :O or :-o or :o
Glasses 8-) or 8) or B-) or B)
Grin :-D or :D or =D
Grumpy >:( or >:-(
Heart <3
Kiss :-* or :*
Pacman :v
Penguin <(")
Chris Putnam :putnam:
Robot :|]
Shark (^^^)
Smile :-) or :) or :] or =)
Squint -_-
Sunglasses 8-| or 8| or B-| or B|
Tongue :-P or :P or :-p or :p or =P
Unsure :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\
Upset >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o
Wink >;-) or ;)