Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goodbye Tales of Solaris!

Last two weeks, I stopped playing this web-based browser game called, "Tales of Solaris". There are many reasons why I put an end for playing game. Here are my reviews:
  1. There are too much features of this game resulting me to get lack of sleep (lol). If only there is a skip button, I can do more aside playing with this game.
  2. The chase feature is too annoying. It's very disturbing and I don't understand why you get bounty points when you kill an enemy or a boss. I guess bounty hunt is just for PK-ers who kill innocent players in the game.
  3. Limited party members during guild fights. Only the 5 strongest can participate. The weak players have to leave that area so that the guild can possibly win.
  4. More and more new servers are coming every month. Old players transfer server from one to another because they want to get a title for fame or become famous.
  5. Abusive bully looter players during escort. Every player who gets loot should have a consequence. I think the bounty thing should take place with this one. The more they kill or loot players the more they get bounty.
I have so much regret for using money here just to play this game. I should've used that money to buy a new pair of shoes instead of top-up-ing this game.