Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Coffee Prince the 1st Shop

Coffee Prince the 1st Shop is another Korean popular drama series aired by MBC Channel from July 2 to August 27, 2007 which consists of 17 cups (episodes). The chemistry of the couple, Gong Yoo (as Choi Han Kyul) and Yoon Eun Hye (as Go Eun Chan), are fun to watch because their expression in their acting was so natural. “Later on they fight; later on they misses each other.”

Eun Chan's father died when she was a child and promised her father to be the breadwinner of the family. She had a numerous jobs and gave up her femininity just to do men’s work. Her gender was mistaken as a boy by Han Kyul, a happy go lucky rich guy who has been set into blind dates by her grandmother for he’s about to turn 30 years old. To keep away from those arranged blind dates, he decided to hire Eun Chan as his gay lover yet, she had no choice but to accept the job for she badly needed cash to pay her debt.

Han Kyul inherited a coffee shop that nearly leads to a bankruptcy from his grandmother. Female is not accepted to work in the shop but Eun Chan begged to be employed. Because Han Kyul mistaken her identity as a boy, he hired her. Feelings started to occur in the middle of the story. But, what if he finds out that she’s a girl? Will she be kicked out? Or will they fall in love and accept each other? It’s for you to find out on what will be the answer. It will be aired soon in the Philippines’ GMA network this coming New Year 2008, January 1.

I’ll be waiting for the Coffee Prince 2 and MBC were planning for it because both lead cast click well together including rating of the show. However, I’ve heard that Gong Yoo may not be around on the next sequel for signing up the army in one year. I guess no one can replace their perfect chemistry on the series.

Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan
Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Han Sung
Chae Jung Ahn as Han Yoo Joo
Kim Ja Ok as Han Kyul's mom
Choi Il Hwa as Han Kyul's dad
Kim Young Ok as Han Kyul's grandmother
Park Won Sook as Eun Chan's mom
Han Yeh In as Go Eun Sae
Kim Chang Wan as Mr. Hong
Kim Jae Wook as No Sun Ki
Kim Dong Wook as Jin Ha Rim
Lee Un as Hwang Min Yeop
Lee Han Wie as Mr. Ku
Kim Jung Min as DK

Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Christmas Tree in Davao City

It is tradition that we decorate an evergreen tree with colorful glittering lights, apples, candy canes, stars, stuffed bears, and putting gifts underneath every December for the celebration of Christmas Day. The well known holiday symbol has played an important part since ancient times and has been used by honoring gods and spirits during Pagan festivals. Endless legends surround the lore of the Christmas tree and I’m lazy to tell you all about it. So let’s just skip it and focus into something different.

Most communities are now displaying Christmas trees in public places throughout the world. Some are conducting competitions on the most beautifully decorated or eye-catching Christmas trees among their respective places and be rewarded with bunch of bucks. A lot of methods and materials are used for decorations just to be creative, unique and to meet the criteria of the contest.

Christmas is the most unforgettable and sparkling event of the year. It creates joyful memoirs like family reunion, Christmas caroling, delicious food, exchanging gifts and other kinds of fun gatherings. When you will see a stunning Christmas tree around your area, I’ll bet you’ll exactly took a picture of it along with your family, friends, or by yourself.

christmas treeSo if you still haven’t took a picture and found the best Christmas tree around you, you’ll be lucky if you’re in Davao City, Philippines. During night time, davaoeños are getting together here just to take some images of it. It is located along J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, Mana Davao Building. It is the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree I’ve seen so far in my hometown. So, here’s the picture in case you’ve missed it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Scam On Wowowee?

Wowowee is a variety game show for children and adults hosted by Willie Revillame (Papi) who brought fun and excitement for most local viewers including “The Filipino Channel” (TFC) subscribers in some other countries. The noontime show helped a lot of people even though Papi gives sometimes a little insensitivity in his jokes.

Despite of those words stated above, it created a lot of controversies that shocked most of the Filipinos who watched the show daily. It was first a stampede broke out on February 4, 2006. The root of the mad dash was closing the PhilSports Complex gates by the security. The people who can not get their tickets for the show rushed and panicked to enter the gates. It was reported that 74 people died and hundreds were injured. That was the most shocking accident happened in the whole history of Philippine television.

Another scandalous event happened last August 20, 2007, in their new segment called Wilyonaryo. There are two sets of films on the contraption, but Papi pulled the wrong film which displayed "0" instead of the right film, where the number 2 is detached from the contraption showing a second winning combination. There is something fishy happened in the game portion. Here’s the video if you’re unable to watch the details.

Lately, a new Wowowee scam has been uploaded in It’s for you to decide whether this show is a scam or not. Here's the clip:

Monday, December 17, 2007

DOTA 6.49b Anti Map Hack Version

Good news to all anti map-hackers, PandaMine had designed an Anti Maphack Engine for DotA 6.49b. He fixed the replay desync bug, made various improvements and cinematic mode has been removed. Implementing this version will now cease the maphackers and bring back the game into an absolute strategic and fair game. I hope that this map will be recognized by the authors of the original DotA Allstars map and be encouraged to release the official AMH (Anti Maphack) version in its official website.

Because of this map hacking epidemic, I used to play some other games in Warcraft like TD (Tower Defense) maps instead of playing latest map versions of DotA. However, I discovered last week that AMH map version has been released. It will detect any maphacking software for the entire game and automatically kicks you out of the game if spotted using maphack. As soon as the game had started, it will pause at around 60 to 90 seconds. The content is still original done by IceFrog and you can download it through this link:

It feels great to win the game if fairly and honestly played.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Sometimes We Win, Sometimes We Lose"

Musical competition happens every year especially in the month of December for the celebration of Christmas. Most Filipino people are naturally born as music lover; thus, filipino singers as well as non-singers, never misses any spot of such happenings. Bunch of surprises and big cash prizes will be given for those participants who will win the contest – vocal solo, choir, instrumental band, and dance group.

When I was at my younger age, I used to join this kind of contest even if it’s not Christmas like NCCC’s Star of Davao, “Singgit Davao”, “Kantahan sa Baranggay” and other school festival. I even tried auditioning Philippine Idol but I didn’t have the chance because of the long line. Tonight, I’ll be joining another contest and I’ll be singing, “Sana Ngayong Pasko” which was originally sang by Ariel Rivera. I really love the melody and lyrcs of this whole song since my childhood. Last year I sang “Christmas Won’t Be the Same Without You”, originally sang by Martin Nievera. I didn’t win the trophy; however, I’m still happy for I ranked 2nd place and got a prize. The contest is one of the projects of Davao City Mayor, Hon. Rodrigo Duterte.

If I lose tonight, I just think the of philosophy saying, “Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and sometimes the game gets rained out.” Yet, I still try to think positive to win the contest.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is considered as another new process of Search Engine Optimization. An increasing number of bookmarking sites now provide free services because it is mostly used by some webmasters as a traffic tool. It increases link popularity and search engine positioning, however, it depends on how useful the article that has been hyperlinked.

A bookmarked site can be accessible anywhere in the web and can be shared by anyone especially if you tagged them with right keywords and hyperlink. Tag names are the best way to get more visitors from your site, so you should be careful in choosing your keyword and that should be purely related to the website’s content. Its content must be valuable and unique so that visitors will visit again to your account.

Get started now and categorize your bookmarked sites based on its keyword or tag. It’s the quickest way to get really good traffic for your website or blog.

Here are some lists of bookmarking sites:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Do You Dream Of Blogs?

My result: You love blogging so much, that indeed you may be dreaming of blogs. Blogging is your favorite activity. (lol)

If you have no blog site yet, just choose any of these websites shown below:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ASCII Code Of Apple In Dota

Here’s the ASCII code if you want to include an apple symbol in DOTA Player name.

alt + 0239 = ï
alt + 0128 = €
alt + 0128 =

First, type these codes in URL Location Box of the browser.

apple code

Copy these three special characters (  ), then, paste it in Player Name Box in DOTA.

dota apple

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas or "X-mas"

Christmas is a time of happiness and celebration - a blend of joyful moments to share and celebrate with family, friends and special someone. Scenes like carol singing, Santa Claus riding on a sleigh, stockings on the wall, pine tree decorating, card greetings, baking delicious foods, parties everywhere, snowflakes falling, lights flickering, and giving of gifts are all typical traditions that have been passed down through the years.

With all those things happening during December, there’s one thing always bothers me. Why use “X-mas” instead of Christmas? I am worried that the world might be starting to forget Jesus Christ. As I searched through the internet, “Xmas” is not originally an attempt to eliminate Christ from Christmas, but uses an abbreviation of the Greek spelling of the word “Christ” with the “X” representing the Greek letter chi. However, few people know this that it is probably better not to use this popular abbreviation. Future generations might wonder why “X” instead of Christ. Is there a tendency that they will forget the true meaning of Christmas in the future because of “X”?

There’s nothing wrong if you had already knew the reason why they use “X-mas”. What about for those who haven’t known the truth yet? Let’s just get rid of X! Jesus Christ is the main reason why we celebrate Christmas. He was born on earth because He loves us and sacrifices His life for all our sins.

Advance Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Build Your Website Or You're Out Of The Business!

These days, going to shopping malls to purchase our basic needs are not only exhausting but also time consuming. But, thanks to the Internet! Everything has become so accessible and convenient. The net does not simply provide us the ease of online shopping, it also offers a wide scope of information and messaging tools to all of its clients. Now, one can express his/her purchasing powers even if he/she is right at home or in the office.

Information technology has greatly motivated and influenced businesses and companies to adapt to its advancement. Some business organizations are now providing their customers access to their websites in order to expand business availability and encourage non-stop earning even when the owners are asleep, thus getting rid of all the worries on missed transactions, purchases and inquiries from clients.

It is such a huge advantage if your competition does not have the financial resource to develop its own website. Web-enabled businesses are ensured with more in and off-shore clients that are sure to patronize you for the ease of service and guaranteed immediate feedback. More and more organizations now provide customer services, technical support and online marketing to reach out to their clients. Initially, you may need to put in a huge investment, yet in due time your earnings will double with the amount of clientele you are reaching out to thereby increasing your edge among your competitors. This is also the reason why a lot of companies have now turned to outsourcing their manpower because of the notable benefits given by the Internet.

So, if you feel that your business is already going downhill, why not consider building your company website? Don’t get left behind or else you’ll be sooner off on the business industry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lost And Now Returned

I came home late at night and noticed some of my personal belonging placed on the top of an empty aquarium. I stunned and asked myself, how did it get here? Did I just misplaced it anywhere in the house? I hurriedly asked my father where did he found it. He said it was given by our neighbor and returned at around 7:00 P.M. by some teenager who resides in Buhangin, Davao City. My wallet was missing for almost three weeks now and I wrote some blog about it when it was lost. Thank God, it was found.

I feel so relieved because I was worried about my driver's license ID will be used by someone else in illegal way. I had already went to Police Office Station to report the incident happened and willingly pay the police officer for his labor.

Hapiness is what I've felt right now while writing this for the reason that I always believed that a "Good Samaritan" will return my wallet and so, it happened. Anyway, I wanted to thank that guy and treat him in some restaurant however I never had a chance to meet him and I don't even got his name.

May God bless you on what you did and reward you in return!

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Dragon Wars" An Impressive Visual Effects Movie

dragon wars

“Dragon Wars” is based on a Korean legend concerning serpents named Imoogi. Every 500 years a woman is born with extraordinary powers called “Yuh Yi Joo,” that can transform an Imoogi into the mightiest dragon. They can either use the power to defend or wreak chaos on the universe. An early flashback segment located in South Korea about 500 years ago, the woman who possessed such great power and her guardian failed to do their task because of love. The past lovers both died but the heavens given them a chance after 500 years through incarnation.

In present day at Los Angeles, a 19 year old teenager named Sarah (Amanda Brooks) holds the power to transform the Imoogi. Ethan (Jason Behr of Roswell), a Los Angeles area new reporter and chosen to be the guardian of “Yuh Yi Joo”, learned Imoogi since childhood when his father went into some kind of an antique shop. The guardian has also extraordinary power that makes him invulnerable given by the pendant he wears. Sarah knew when she turn into 20 she’ll be in great danger. Sooner, Ethan realizes that she was tracked down by the evil Imoogi, “Buraki”.

Will the incarnated couple be successful this time? Watch this 55 minutes film with massive special effects and action scenes that makes the visual very exciting. Since it is a Korean based legend, it made a history all over the country’s movie industry as box office hit and currently ranks as the highest grossing film of 2007.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

BHIPRO ( Immediate Hiring!


This is an excellent opportunity for people looking to build a solid career in I.T. with a leading Web Applications and Multimedia Design Firm with satisfied clients in the Philippines, U.S. and U.K.

Industrial Engineer

*He/She has the ability in cost analysis, financial planning, wage and salary administration, process flow charts, and initiative in finding ways to improve the management.
*Keen in production, problems and challenges of the company.
*Has knowledge on application of research methods, and intervention strategies to workplace issues.
*A Bachelor degree holder in Industrial Engineering
*Preferably a licensed Industrial Engineer
*Interested in making organizations more productive leading to physical and psychological healthy lives for the benefit of everybody.

Project Manager/Business Analyst

*Two to five years experience with project management in an Internet-based software development environment.
*Prior experience with an I.T. company is preferred, but not a requirement.
*Complete understanding of project management tools, procedures and overall product life cycle, emphasis on project management skills.
*Prior experience with rapid software development methodologies.
*Knowledge of Project Management software and Microsoft Office software.
*Designs new IT solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity.
*Examine existing business models and the flows of data in the business. Discuss findings with the client, and then design an appropriate improved IT solution.
*Draw up and cost specifications and produce outline designs of new IT systems, specifying the data, files and logical operations the system will perform, and the way data will be viewed by the user.

Search Engine Optimization Team Lead

*2 years SEO experience including an in-depth knowledge of search engine technologies (algorithms, ranking strategy and industry trends.
*Experience developing, implementing and maintaining a Link building strategy
Strong understanding of technology
*Experience with SEO reporting and Web analytics tools
*Excellent communication skills with the ability to interact with a variety of departments
*Strong follow up skills, organization skills and attention to detail

Senior PHP Developers

*Must have senior level expertise in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS development.
*With demonstrated expertise in interactive websites.

Senior eCommerce PHP Developer

*Must have senior level expertise in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS development.
*With strong skills in eCommerce systems, Smarty Templates, and site integration to ERP systems.


*Responsible for the implementation of a website
*Must be proficient in HTML, scripting and interface languages such as JavaScript and Perl
*Have experience with more than one type of Web server
*May be in charge of creating the site and putting it on a separate company's server or setting up one within the company
*The web design and creation may be done initially by an outside web design firm that turns the finished site over to the company's in-house Webmaster to maintain and perhaps add content within the established design.

Search Engine Optimization Manager

*Responsible for day to day account management of our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing programs.
*Conducting A/B and multivariate testing and analyzing results to improve web design.
*Own the customer relationship including all customer interaction and communications from the moment the sale is closed to the successful delivery and launch of our services and on-going support.
*Develop specifications and plans for design, customization and implementation of the company services and processes.
*Analyze web analytics reports and make recommendations for web optimization.
*Develop best practice guidelines for content development and web design to achieve best possible conversion rates.
*Supervise completion of all projects and tasks to customer satisfaction.
*Two years experience with the following: Optimization, A/B testing, Multivariant testing, Web consulting, e-commerce, Online marketing, Online statistical concepts, Analytical tools, Internet technologies, HTML/JavaScript, Web analytics

Senior Flash Developer

*With demonstrated experience as a senior flash developer.
*Must have solid understanding of video streaming, CSS usage in flash site, alternative text methodologies and SEO methodologies in flash site creation.

Graphics Artists

*Must have at least two years experience as graphic artist
*With strong graphic and html abilities

Content Writers

*Knowledge and strong grasp of English grammar.
*Creative writing and Internet research skills.
*Familiarity and ability to navigate Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
*Proficiency in Microsoft Word.
*College degree, preferably in Journalism, Literature or Mass Communications.
*Professional writing experience is a plus.
*Ability to work under pressure and with minimal supervision.
*Fast learner, self-motivated and enthusiastic. With a passion for learning and continuous self-improvement.

Virtual Administrative Assistants

*Proficient with all office applications, specifically Excel.
*Familiar with order management systems. Understand work flow through quote, order, PO, receipt, fulfillment, invoice, payment.
*Customer relationship management
*Excellent Spoken English
*Would act as sales coordinator, administrative, & personal assistant.


*Must have proficiency in developing applications using Microsoft.Net (C# / VB.NET / MS SQL) or PHP / MySQL
*Must have at least 2 years of experience in developing software as an employed or freelance programmer.
*With excellent problem solving skills, creative and innovative
*Good English communication skills
*Experience in Team Lead, Analyst, or Consultant is a big PLUS factor.

Web Designers / Flash Developers

*Must be skilled in Graphic Design using Adobe Paintshop
*Must be able to create attractive HTML pages using Dreamweaver or any other web design tool
*Preferably with skills in animation using Macromedia Flash
*Programming using PHP, ASP and/or ActionScript is a PLUS!
*Creative and artistic

System Administrator

*Experience in networking, server maintenance
*Programming using MS / Open Source

Software Tester

*Must have the capabilities to aid and strengthen test plans and procedures for hardware and software materials and systems.
*Knows how to analyze, differentiate, scrutinize and reports programming errors.
*Equip in theoretical and practical engineering principles.
*Must have the initiative to work with his team, recommends for the betterment of projects and responsible enough to handle customers and tasks assigned to him.

Link specialist

*To review and assess hundreds of websites and determine whether they meet an established criteria for link exchange.
*Have good English communication skills
*Computer literate and knowledgeable in the use of MS Applications, Internet Explorer and Mozilla
*Familiar with HTML & open source languages (preferred but not required)
*Graduate of Computer Science (preferred but not required)
*Fast learner and needs minimal supervision

A competitive compensation (starting salaries are at par with Manila rates) awaits qualified applicants who are hard workers and willing to relocate to Davao City, one of the best cities to live and work in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Significance Of Outsourcing

Customer service is one of the most essential aspects of any business that works with clients nowadays. It is the central point of contact for technical help or service needs. This can be something as simple as any inquiry about a product or service or something as complicated as making a return in order to receive a new product. Because of the availability of high speed internet access, clients can easily communicate the company even if you’re half way around the world.

Taking care of your clients is the very basic aspect of serving them to become a regular customer. If a customer encounters problem with a business and receives no help whatsoever, they more than likely will never do business with the company again and this will create bad results for any business organization.

Moreover, the help desk staff should be available and competent enough when handling calls within 24/7 and language skills should be considered. A client should spend or wait in a short period of time with the staff in order to avoid some complaints or hang up the phone. A staff should have enduring patience and effort to be sincere, since; most of them are irate clients. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings and apologize for the inconvenience the caller has encountered. Handling these calls takes time and training, but it can be accomplished effectively.

Companies in the western countries prefer outsourcing methods in order to save a lot of money. Most studies have shown that cost is the number one reason why companies decide to outsource jobs. The advancement of the internet nowadays can make possible to hire call center or outsourcing companies outside the country. It has opened up a completely new world and forever radically changed the way people do business in the world today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Fun To Watch Musical Film, "Hairspray"


An adaptation of the hit Broadway play, which was in turn inspired by the 1988 John Waters classic, chubby teenager Tracy Turnblad (Nicole Blonsky) will do anything to get on Corny Collins' (James Marsden, X-Men’s Cyclops) local Baltimore dance show, even if it means defying her parents Edna (John Travolta) and Wilbur (Christopher Walken). And when she eventually makes it on the rock 'n' roll program, she surprisingly becomes the hit of the city, much to the consternation of the previous dancing queen, Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow), who will do anything to dethrone her competition. When big hair meets big dreams anything can happen – and does – in this high-energy comedy that proves you don’t have to fit in to win.

Hairspray addresses some mature topics especially surrounding the subject of stereotyping. Tracy is not taken seriously as a dancer because of her figure. Also, race relations are explored as the story takes place during the time of the black-white integration movement. In the movie, Tracy represents someone who has to overcome discrimination in order to realize her dream, and she does so during a time when many others are trying to overcome discrimination as well.

Hairspray, which is being directed by Adam Shankman and produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the producers of the Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning Best Picture Chicago, is originally based on Waters' 1988 comedy about star-struck teenagers on a local Baltimore dance show. The new version of the film will be based on New Line's hit Broadway adaptation of the film which debuted in 2002, and went on to win eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book and Best Director.

Hairspray is a 2007 musical film starred by John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Brittany Snow, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelley, Allison Janney, and introduces newcomer Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lost But Not Yet Found Or Returned!

I had a bad day today because my wallet is lost. I just hope and pray that a Good Samaritan had found it. Please someone bring it back!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Official 6.49b DOTA Map Released

dota 6.49b
Fix version DotA Allstars by Icefrog…

Choose from 89 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients…

-ap, -ar, -lm, -rd, -mm, -xl -dm, -tr, -vr, -rv, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -sc, -np, -om, -nt, -nm, -nb, -ns. -nr, -ts

* Fixed a major bug related to Ogre Magi from last version
* Few other minor fixes
* Can only carry one Power Treads now
* Fixed the recoded Fissure to work properly with Aftershock

Mirror1: Link1
Mirror2: Link2
Mirror3: Link3
Mirror4: Link4

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Over You" By Daughtry

Daughtry is an American rock band from North Carolina, formed by Chris Daughtry, a previous American Idol contestant Season 3 in the year 2006. Their self-titled debut album was released on November 21, 2006. The disc reached #1 for two non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200, outsold Idol winner Taylor Hicks' debut effort, and sold more than 3 million copies. Their album is also the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history.

Their new track, “Over You”, can easily carry the band back to the top of the charts. It is in the muscular pop-rock mode that made me playing and singing this song over and over again while working in the office or at home. Its catchy sing-along chorus makes it a great concert song.

This single was co-written by experienced rock singer-songwriter Brian Howes and one of his most recent successes was co-writing all of the songs on the breakthrough album by the Oklahoma-based rock band Hinder. Among those tunes was the massive pop hit single "Lips of an Angel", which is until now one of my favorite songs too. Brian Howes obviously has a way with rock songs about the rough patches of a relationship.

Chris Daughtry was really my favorite during the American Idol contest because of his throaty voice. I don’t know why America did not voted for him to be the champion. Anyway, here’s the lyrics and video of the song that somehow I can relate with.

Daughtry - "Over You"


Now that it's all said and done,
I can't believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath.
I fell too far, was in way too deep.
Guess I let you get the best of me.


*Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.

**I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.

***'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.


You took a hammer to these walls,
Dragged the memories down the hall,
Packed your bags and walked away.
There was nothing I could say.
And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me.

Repeat Chorus
Repeat * (2x), **

Well I'm putting my heart back together,
'Cause I got over you.
Well I got over you.
I got over you.

Repeat ***

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Jumong", A Historical Drama of Goguryeo

Jumong (2006) is a historical drama which aired on South Korea's MBC television network as a 45th Anniversary Special Drama. Originally set to be 60, MBC decided to extend it to 81 episodes (1 hour/episode) due to its popularity. It portrays the life of Jumong Taewang, (founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo). Because few details are found in the historical records on Jumong, much artistic license is taken. Much of the original myths surrounding Jumong have been replaced with more down-to-earth storylines, such as that concerning his birth. It is also considered a major part of the "Korean wave." This film were directed by Geun-hong Kim and Ju-hwan Lee.


Song Il-gook as Prince Jumong
Han Hye-jin as Lady Soseono
Kim Seung-soo as Prince Daeso
Jeon Gwang-ryeol as King Geumwa
Oh Yeon-soo as Lady Yoohwa
Kyeon Mi-ri as Queen Wonhu
Kim Byeong-ki as Yeontabal
Jin Hee-kyeong as Sorceress Yeomieul
Lee Jae-yong as Prime Minister Budeukbul
Heo Joon-ho as General Haemosu
Song Ji-hyo as Lady Yesoya
Won Ki-joon as Prince Yeongpo
Bae Soo-bin as Sayong
Park Tam-hee as Lady Yangseolran
Lim So-yeong as Buyeong
Yoon Dong-hwan as Yangjeong
Ahn Jeong-hoon as Mari
Lim Dae-ho as Hyeopbo
Yeo Ho-min as Oyi
Jeong Ho-bin as Wootae
An Young Jun as Yuri

The most surprising time in history has come back 2000 years later, a time when the nation, Goguryeo made China fall down to their knees and when they fought other nations without any fear. Meet a hero bigger than the myth. Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Jumong! Up to now we have been used to dramas dealing with the history of kings and knights but now we are about to challenge in creating a drama with the birth of a true hero. A name only remembered as a myth. Get ready to meet Jumong, the hero who opened up the skies of the Old Joseon, which was once ours, by fighting thousands and thousands of armies. Meet the love even bigger than the history.‘Love’ seems to be the one common denominator across people of all generations and nations. ‘Love’ gets swept away with the waves of time and also gets hurt with biased views in societies, but it also creates a new kind of history by wrestling against adversity and the trials of time. True love, which is uncommonly seen in history, is re-drawn through the drama of our once forgotten history. Through the wisdom and courage of Korea’s first queen So Seo-no...

This Friday, the last episode will be shown on GMA-TV and it’s so sad that the story is about to end. I have already finished watching this on April 2007 and there are scenes that you’ll be wistful for Jumong. I wanted Jumong to grab and kiss Soseono, and see Hyeppobo and Sayong together. I loved, hated and pitied Geumwa, almost all at the same time. I wanted to see Xuelan get her due. I feel sorry for Haemosu and the years lost, I wept with Jumong when he realized Haemosu was dead. I wanted Yesoya happy but Jumong lived only for 40 years. I waited for Oyi to find Buyeong and marry her. I craved for the continuation of the story of Yuri and how he defeated Daeso.

"True love is when love is Sacrificed"...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Couple or Trouble", A Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Series

couple or trouble

Last week, I just finished watching a romantic comedy Korean drama series that consists 16 episodes which is entitled, “Couple or Trouble”. It was aired in Korea from October 14, 2006 to December 3, 2006 through MBC network. This series was based on a 1987 American movie called Overboard, starred by Goldie Hawn. For Han Ye Seul and Oh Ji Ho, their roles in this series were their first leading roles. It was a big hit in its homeland, South Korea because it collected four MBC Drama Awards in 2006. Han and Oh were named Best Couple. Couple or Trouble took the award for Best Drama and Han Ye Seul took home the Excellence Award. Both Han and Oh were also given the Popularity Award.

The story is about a very rich woman, Anna (Han Ye Seul) who's totally rude, feisty, and audacious American-bred heiress who can never be satisfied. She used to bully everyone, including her husband. When Anna came back to Korea, she was caught up in rain and her car was trapped in a mud. Fortunately, Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho), who was driving back home, saw and helped her with a price. Jang let Anna stay in his car to lessen the weight and avoid in getting wet from the heavy rain. When she saw some blood in his vehicle with a dead body, she clobbered him with a shovel in his face and left him on the road, unpaid. In fact, she never knew it was a mannequin and a red paint. Jang searched for Anna to collect her debt.

Jang lives with the three children left behind by his late brother, who raised him like a father. He is the owner of Buheung E&C, a small-time construction company whose sign reads, “General Construction, Architecture, and Interior Design Co.” In reality, his company handles such trivial and menial projects as building neighborhood fences, setting up plastic greenhouses, renovating bathrooms and kitchens, and installing heaters.

One day, Anna's favorite cat named Princess lost in the road and by mistake fell into Jang’s hands. Jang had no idea who's the owner of the cat and sold it in small value in a pet shop. Anna suspected Jang for the disappearance of her cat and she was mad when later she found out that her $10,000 cat was sold by Jang in a small amount.

After that scene, they met again when her yacht’s bathroom developed a spot of trouble and employed some tool man; however, she never knew it was Jang who’ll fix the problem. Anna was displeased with Jang's work and they had an argument which makes her throw his tools overboard, kicked him into the water and left him unpaid again. Jang was mad, plotted his revenge and they became sworn enemies.

Later, after a quarrel with Billy Park (Kim Sung Min) that threatens to end their marriage, she herself gets drunkenly pitched overboard and suffered to a bad case of amnesia. Jang found her in the hospital and suddenly learned that she had no idea who she is. Jang plotted his revenge by telling Anna that she was his girlfriend and took her home. His idea was to make Anna his maid to pay off what she owes him for the yacht repairs and the loss of tools in the sea. Even though, Anna had absolutely no idea of what her past was, she had a fuzzy idea that she wasn't that close to him.

While Anna stayed in Jang's house, he made her do all the household chores. But as a rich woman, she never knew about any job and makes a mess on every household duty she was assigned to. Thus, the sequence of comedic errors is lengthy and entertaining.

In the middle of the story, I enjoyed more, watching her crazy moronic mannerisms which is really fun to watch. Believe it or not, she became charming after a while and I thought I needed to have my head check for liking this mean person, Anna.

In the end, they both gave in to their feelings for each other but not before Anna learned what it was like to love and care for others. She learned that wealth is meaningless when you have nobody to share with. After she regains her memory, the scene where she orders black sauce noodles bid to recapture some of the memorable times she shared with Jang at the dilapidated home and the eateries they went to, that brought tears to her eyes. I believe it was a great scene that tugged at the viewer's heartstrings.

Two people as different as night and day, who would never even cross paths under normal circumstances, come together in an outrageous situation and are eventually reborn as a fantastic couple. Once two persons have been stroked by Cupid's arrow of love, there's no turning back. Love was nicely played out when Anna develops some deep feelings for Jang. Of course, what would a show be if there’s no love element in it? Jang also fell for her, even though he resisted the relentless feelings for as long as he could.

The story is quite different because most of Korean drama series often end up in tragedy. I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching this series and will bring a smile to your face as you recall the funny scenes that are sprinkled all over the 16 episodes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unofficial DOTA Map 6.49 Version Released

Latest unofficial map version is now available with 4 new items. These are Javelin, Mumm-Ra's Phylactery, Arctic Hauberk and Axe of Prissan. Some recipe, items and hero skills has been changed like:

  1. Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin = Power Treads (no need to buy scroll).
  2. Naix's first skill has been changed. I think it bashes your opponent, so there's no need for you to buy Basher Item. It also gives magic immunity.

dota javelin

dota mummra's phylactery

dota arctic hauberk

dota axe of prissan

You can download the map through this LINK.

Warning: Since this is an unofficial map version, rumors say that it contains keylogger program, which gives access to your PC and gather all your personal information like password or any personal account data.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Auto Racing Idea

This month of October, I have learned and read so much about auto racing. I never had any knowledge and expertise about it. I had a difficult time gathering an idea about this and I can’t ignore it (sob), it is part of my job. When I was a kid I played Nintendo, Top Gear yet still, I have no idea. I just enjoyed playing it by upgrading accessories in order for me to make it to the top race. Its paint, structure and brand can also be customized, according to your taste.

Auto racing is a sport involving racing automobiles and it is also known as automobile racing, motor racing, or car racing. It began in 1895, and it is now one of the world's most popular sports. It created a lot of different and controversial issues like; global warming, driving violations in public highways, tragic accidents and even deaths. Some had bad experience about this since this is not an easy game. When getting into this sport, you have to be very gifted and courageous to race a four-wheel-drive car down narrow forest roads, and on sideways.

In schools, science teachers encourage their students (the next generation) making such kind of vehicles that uses electricity, sunlight, or hydrogen for the reason that our atmosphere is alarming. I believe that this kind of machinery reduces the rating of air pollution. I remembered “Race the Sun” movie, they used sunlight for their engine to start. However, they encountered some problem when there’s no sunlight yet they finished the race.

Automobile racing has a lot of categories: single-seater (open-wheel) racing, touring car racing, production car racing or showroom stock, one-make or single margue, stock car racing, rally racing, targa, drag racing, sports car racing, off-road racing, kart racing or karting, and modern motor racing. Visit this link if you want to know more about these different types of auto racing I’ve mentioned.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maphack Dominates DOTA All Stars

Maphack is a cheat used in some real-time strategy games such as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne which endows a map visibility advantage or enables the player to see further of the map than the game expects them to see. I have known some resource sites of this and they have a lot more cheat programs other than maphack.

The website that provides cheats has been blocked by most of the internet cafés in Davao City for the reason that most DOTA players have been using this maphack program lately. But, do you think this action will solve to stop the map hacking problem? I don’t think so. What if some players will go to other internet cafés just to download the maphack? Even now I still observed several gamers are still using it, especially, those computer geeks. They really loved to play and win the game in a deceitful way.

I tried to prove that I’m right by testing this program. I’ve downloaded and send it to my personal e-mail. Then, I opened it to an internet café which disables maphack sites but damn, it is still working.

It’s getting worse than ever and I don’t know when this maphack will put into an end. I suppose that there are also some other hacking programs exist like, boosting up character’s gold, attributes, etc. When I played DOTA yesterday, I can’t believe that Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, had already some items like dagger, boots of travel and soul booster at level 10.

Isn’t it annoying? Well, there’s nothing we can do about this, until anti-maphack for local area network will be created.

I have made some poll here which will end on the 1st day of year 2008. Cast your vote for maphack if you are in favor on it, or if not, just click anti-maphack.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How Can I Be A Better Song Leader?

How can I be a better song leader? Someone asked me for some advice with this question through the internet. She said that a Youth Jam Event will be held soon in their hometown joined with the other houses of worship. In times of practices and rehearsals together with her praise and worship teammates; misunderstandings and arguments arise. She felt embarrassed in the eyes of God when this happens and feels like she doesn’t want to sing anymore.

I believe that God is tolerating the demon to disrupt their practices or rehearsals. They encounter problems because they don’t accompany each other with bible study and meditation. They spend too much time in sharpening their music to make it perfect rather than contemplating their spiritual growth. I am not into modernized Christian music but I suppose that it is most eminent if God has been delighted rather than the mob.

In my church, I constantly felt down when we have choir rehearsals in Saturdays. The reason is that I am the only one tenor in the choir. Thanks to God for He gave me enough strength to hold on. I never complained to Him because it is truly my desire to serve and praise Him through music. I never noticed that during practices, I can easily familiarize the notes nearly perfect and become independent with my parts.

I don’t care if it does not sound good to the people as long as God had seen my passion to sing for Him, only to please Him. If negative critics, boos, or comments take place; just let them be and ignore them. I don’t want any applause from the audience since it is not them that I served. Be grateful and leave it alone to God. Just do your part and keep on exalting Him through songs because God knows what’s in your heart at all times.

“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” (Exodus 15:2)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Puck - the Faerie Dragon (DOTA All Stars) And Tips

Another intelligence-type sentinel has been added in DOTA All Stars 6.48 version. Recently, this has been one of my favorites in the newest edition of this game. At first glance with this character, I thought it was a butterfly. I don’t get it. Does he look like a dragon? Uhmm, forget about that, I’ll just give you the background of this Faerie Dragon.

“In Sentinel’s search for heroes to aid them in the war against the Scourge, they discovered the lost lands of the mystical Faerie Dragons. Upon explaining the conflict to the Faerie Queen of Agrace, she sent forth Puck, a personal guardian, to turn the tides of war.

Despite his small size and mischievous personality, the little dragon soon proved to pack more than his fare share of power on the battlefield, blasting through the enemy ranks with balls of magic, faerie dust, and the capability to stupefy an entire army with nothing more than his imagination. His foes all learned the hard way that size matters not in combat and that appearance are, ultimately, deceiving.”

dota puck
Puck - Faerie Dragon
Range: 600 Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 1.7 Agi: 22 + 1.7 Int: 27 + 3.5
Damage: 40 - 51 HP: 473 Mana: 351
HP Regen: Mana Regen:
Attack Speed: Armor: 2

puck skill illusory orb
Illusory Orb (R)
Sends a magic orb flying down a straight path damaging everything in its way. At any time during the life of the orb the Faerie Dragon may teleport up to it, taking its place. 1800 Range, 225 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 70 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 140 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 210 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 280 damage.
Mana Cost:
Cooldown: 15

puck skill wanning rift
Wanning Rift (W)
Releases Puck's mystical fairie dust around him dealing damage and silencing enemies. 400 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 60 damage and Silences for 0.1 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 120 damage and Silences for 1 second.
Level 3 - Deals 180 damage and Silences for 2 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 240 damage and Silences for 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 10

puck skill phase shift
Phase Shift (F)
Shifts the Faerie Dragon out of existence for a brief period, temporarily avoiding any further damage.
Level 1 - Up to 0.75 seconds.
Level 2 - Up to 1.5 seconds.
Level 3 - Up to 2.25 seconds.
Level 4 - Up to 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 50/40/30/20
Cooldown: 6

puck skill dream coil
Dream Coil (C)
Puck's powerful imagination engulfs an area, creating coils of volatile magic that damages and stuns enemy units as it latches on to them. Stretching the coils beyond 600 range causes it to snap and deal additional damage and stun time. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1 - Initial: 100 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 100 damage and 1.5 seconds stun.
Level 2 - Initial: 150 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 150 damage and 2.25 seconds stun.
Level 3 - Initial: 200 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 200 damage and 3 seconds stun.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 85

Ezalor’s normal attack seems to be exactly with this character. His skills are Illusory Orb, Wanning Rift, Phase Shift, and the ultimate Dream Coil as shown above. The combo attacks are just easy to learn. When I tackle my enemies, I use Illusionary Orb (R), then, if the orb hits or near my opponents, I press (E) right away which teleports him at the present orb’s location (it can be also used as escape from your enemy), next is the Wanning Rift (W), which gives damage and silences the skills of your nearby foes, and then finally, the Dream Coil (C) that gives damage and stuns nearby enemies. But before I get into the battle, I auto-activate first the Phase Shift (F) skill which avoids hits and damages.

In boosting money, this is my combo: (R)>(E)>(W). It is more effective if I use Radiance with maximized skill levels. By the way, I equip Puck with these items: Radiance, Linken Sphere, Boots of Speed and Eye of Skadi. I don’t know what items to be place yet with the 2 empty slots. (Uhhmm... maybe, Mekanism and Butterfly)

If you have some additions, suggestions or reactions, just leave it in my comments or e-mail me. Thanks!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monitor Problems

Recently, my computer monitor does unusual operations . It automatically turns off when it is used in 5 to 10 minutes. Though, the monitor has turned off, but my CPU is still working and running. I’ve tried the “ctrl+alt+del”, but still, it does not respond at all. Same thing if I press twice “ctrl+alt+del”, which happens to be a restart keyboard command, but still nothing happens. The monitor button changes to orange from color green and this really freaks me out.

I scanned my computer with updated anti-virus and spy-wares, but it doesn’t detect any unwanted files, viruses or worms. I tried everything I could. I searched through the internet however; I can read it unfinished because it turns off again… duhhh!!!! What could be the problem? I want to reformat my computer but I have a lot of documents and it takes a lot of time for me to make a back up for my files. It would be possible, that this back-up process will be incomplete due to the monitor problem.

When I’m in workoffice I have the chance to research on this problem through the internet. Search engines really aid you instantly and provide desired information, like forums, blogs and websites. Either it offers answers to your questions or solutions to your problems. It says that I am encountering hardware problems in the CPU. So, I printed the possible solutions in a piece of paper so that when I get home I’ll be depending on it and use it as a guide. Just in case I forget its instructions.

I opened my CPU tower case and checked its CPU fan. Damn! It’s not spinning. I guess its time for its replacement because I’ve been using it CPU for almost 5 years. I’ve solved the problem yet it’s undone for the reason I have to save some money for its replacement. (Sob) I can’t see the results now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A House That Creates A Thousand Thoughts

Last month, I traveled from Marawi City back to my beloved hometown, Davao City. I asked my co-worker, when will we arrive in Davao? She said, “We’ll be there in more than 6 hours if we pass through Cagayan de Oro City”. It was the longest and farthest trip I’ve traveled so far. Just imagine, you’ll be staying in your seat for more than 6 hours? (duhhh…)

I kept thinking of any solutions for my problems to forget on what I had been experiencing during my travel but, how? There are a lot of reasons and I’ll tell you. First, I wasn’t comfortable on my seat and I couldn’t even spread out my legs. Second, my feet had started to numb followed with my aching back. Then, I’ve been trying to sleep but my head kept banging slightly anywhere. I tried various sitting positions just to make myself comfy but still, all of them won’t effect. There are times I wanted to break the doorglass beside me just to breathe some fresh air. I really hate air-conditioned vehicles; it feels like I could hardly breathe or suffocated. Lastly, my body began freezing and I guessed that I’ll be frozen dead already when we reach Davao. Just think about that!

Later, I enjoyed gazing at the beauty of nature and somehow it made me relieved and relaxed. Whew! Thank God for He created those things with a lot of purpose. I was lucky that I seated beside the doorglass of the vehicle for I had the advantage to see those eye-catching landscapes. Suddenly, I saw a strange house somewhere in the middle of Bukidnon that really caught my interest. Since our vehicle was moving swiftly, I was stunned when I fixed a glimpse at the house.

Although, our vehicle moved in high-speed, different imaginations came promptly. I thought it was like a “Bayanihan” scene, a set of unified citizens carrying the house that I used to see in my elementary and high school history books. It was also seemed to be like nearly polished house and the carpenters have been painting on it for final touch. Then, another impression came up into my mind. Oh my God, I thought that house will collapse and the people were trying to shun its destruction. What a weird imagination hahaha…

After imagining those extraordinary thoughts, my dilemma happened again. The backache, numbing feet, uncomfortable seat, freezing temperature, artificial oxygen and the banging head. How I wished Marawi and Davao are neighbors. When we reached at my hometown, I was so excited to get out of that vehicle just to stretch out my whole body.

Now, I recalled on what I saw last month and wondered who could be the architect of that house. I really admired who built that unique house but damn, I forgot to carry my digital camera so I never had a chance to take a picture of it. Oh thank God, my older sister took an image on it when she went to Cebu and asked her if this is the house in Bukidnon. She said yes and it is a haunted house. Hmmm… now, that’s another story hehehe… Here’s the image of the unique house.

haunted house

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Maphack In DOTA All Star Games

dota maphack

Do you really need to use the maphack? Or Is it that you just wanted to win the game? Why do you have to depend on maphack just to win the gory game and be a godlike? Do you enjoy playing those games in a fraudulent way?

I never expected to like this game because I only play online games. I always saw someone beside me in an internet café playing DOTA but it really never caught my attention. Why would I? They are so noisy shouting, insulting, blaming one another, etc. Their voice was so annoying. I feel like their voice reached beyond my eardrums and it spoils my concentration in my online game.

I had a chance playing it when my best friend forced me to join them in the DOTA game because they need one more ally. I always got killed in my first game, so I never liked it. I don’t know how to use skills and obtain items for my character. I told him I won’t play that game anymore. But he insisted and taught me how to upgrade skills and buy items. Later on, I began to like the game and wanted to know more strategies on how to beat my opponent who always knocks me off.

Right now, I’m so obsessed and I’ve been playing DOTA for almost 5 years. You won’t believe me that I am more addicted and have more knowledge playing this game than my friend who taught me on how to play this. This game is five maximum players on both sides. Once you know all the characters’ skills, items and capacities, you may able to know how to handle and overcome your foes.

But what if someone uses the maphack? Will it be a fair game? Absolutely not! I have heard from a friend last week that there are a lot of players using this maphack thing nowadays. He taught me how to activate the maphack and it was just too easy. You can even search it thru the net on how to trigger this. What’s the sense of playing the game with a maphack?

I realized that it’s not worth it if I win the game using the maphack because it is so unreasonable. I believe that if you used this, you’ll be considered a newbie or a noob including the author of this maphack. This is a strategic game! How can you evaluate yourself with this maphack in building strategies? You will never experience the process, the teamwork and the development of your own sets of skills.

I tried exploring the anti-maphack programs thru search engines but I can’t find any information on how to disable or prevent this thing. I hope that someone or the creators of this game will take an action to put off this problem because I am beginning to dislike it.

I know this is just for fun and I am not aiming for trophy, awards or something. Face the fact that it’s meaningless to win the game if you use the damn way. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Let’s be rational and be a man!