Sunday, October 7, 2007

Auto Racing Idea

This month of October, I have learned and read so much about auto racing. I never had any knowledge and expertise about it. I had a difficult time gathering an idea about this and I can’t ignore it (sob), it is part of my job. When I was a kid I played Nintendo, Top Gear yet still, I have no idea. I just enjoyed playing it by upgrading accessories in order for me to make it to the top race. Its paint, structure and brand can also be customized, according to your taste.

Auto racing is a sport involving racing automobiles and it is also known as automobile racing, motor racing, or car racing. It began in 1895, and it is now one of the world's most popular sports. It created a lot of different and controversial issues like; global warming, driving violations in public highways, tragic accidents and even deaths. Some had bad experience about this since this is not an easy game. When getting into this sport, you have to be very gifted and courageous to race a four-wheel-drive car down narrow forest roads, and on sideways.

In schools, science teachers encourage their students (the next generation) making such kind of vehicles that uses electricity, sunlight, or hydrogen for the reason that our atmosphere is alarming. I believe that this kind of machinery reduces the rating of air pollution. I remembered “Race the Sun” movie, they used sunlight for their engine to start. However, they encountered some problem when there’s no sunlight yet they finished the race.

Automobile racing has a lot of categories: single-seater (open-wheel) racing, touring car racing, production car racing or showroom stock, one-make or single margue, stock car racing, rally racing, targa, drag racing, sports car racing, off-road racing, kart racing or karting, and modern motor racing. Visit this link if you want to know more about these different types of auto racing I’ve mentioned.

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Auto Racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Millions of fans enjoy it each year in person and on television. Like any sport, auto racing has its own jargon, its own language, its own idiomatic phrases used by fans, sports writers and sports announcers.

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the diversity of the sport has made it very popular. racers come from little kids driving a go-kart or a peewee motorcycle up to a professional F1 racer driving a Ferrari. almost all sort of motorized vehicle has developed its own style of racing. This we awe to the people that introduced us speed and acceleration as a sport and later gave way to various professions and industry.

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Did you see who is sponsoring Milka Duno in the Rolex 24 hour race at daytona?