Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Puck - the Faerie Dragon (DOTA All Stars) And Tips

Another intelligence-type sentinel has been added in DOTA All Stars 6.48 version. Recently, this has been one of my favorites in the newest edition of this game. At first glance with this character, I thought it was a butterfly. I don’t get it. Does he look like a dragon? Uhmm, forget about that, I’ll just give you the background of this Faerie Dragon.

“In Sentinel’s search for heroes to aid them in the war against the Scourge, they discovered the lost lands of the mystical Faerie Dragons. Upon explaining the conflict to the Faerie Queen of Agrace, she sent forth Puck, a personal guardian, to turn the tides of war.

Despite his small size and mischievous personality, the little dragon soon proved to pack more than his fare share of power on the battlefield, blasting through the enemy ranks with balls of magic, faerie dust, and the capability to stupefy an entire army with nothing more than his imagination. His foes all learned the hard way that size matters not in combat and that appearance are, ultimately, deceiving.”

dota puck
Puck - Faerie Dragon
Range: 600 Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 1.7 Agi: 22 + 1.7 Int: 27 + 3.5
Damage: 40 - 51 HP: 473 Mana: 351
HP Regen: Mana Regen:
Attack Speed: Armor: 2

puck skill illusory orb
Illusory Orb (R)
Sends a magic orb flying down a straight path damaging everything in its way. At any time during the life of the orb the Faerie Dragon may teleport up to it, taking its place. 1800 Range, 225 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 70 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 140 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 210 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 280 damage.
Mana Cost:
Cooldown: 15

puck skill wanning rift
Wanning Rift (W)
Releases Puck's mystical fairie dust around him dealing damage and silencing enemies. 400 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 60 damage and Silences for 0.1 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 120 damage and Silences for 1 second.
Level 3 - Deals 180 damage and Silences for 2 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 240 damage and Silences for 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 10

puck skill phase shift
Phase Shift (F)
Shifts the Faerie Dragon out of existence for a brief period, temporarily avoiding any further damage.
Level 1 - Up to 0.75 seconds.
Level 2 - Up to 1.5 seconds.
Level 3 - Up to 2.25 seconds.
Level 4 - Up to 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 50/40/30/20
Cooldown: 6

puck skill dream coil
Dream Coil (C)
Puck's powerful imagination engulfs an area, creating coils of volatile magic that damages and stuns enemy units as it latches on to them. Stretching the coils beyond 600 range causes it to snap and deal additional damage and stun time. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1 - Initial: 100 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 100 damage and 1.5 seconds stun.
Level 2 - Initial: 150 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 150 damage and 2.25 seconds stun.
Level 3 - Initial: 200 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 200 damage and 3 seconds stun.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 85

Ezalor’s normal attack seems to be exactly with this character. His skills are Illusory Orb, Wanning Rift, Phase Shift, and the ultimate Dream Coil as shown above. The combo attacks are just easy to learn. When I tackle my enemies, I use Illusionary Orb (R), then, if the orb hits or near my opponents, I press (E) right away which teleports him at the present orb’s location (it can be also used as escape from your enemy), next is the Wanning Rift (W), which gives damage and silences the skills of your nearby foes, and then finally, the Dream Coil (C) that gives damage and stuns nearby enemies. But before I get into the battle, I auto-activate first the Phase Shift (F) skill which avoids hits and damages.

In boosting money, this is my combo: (R)>(E)>(W). It is more effective if I use Radiance with maximized skill levels. By the way, I equip Puck with these items: Radiance, Linken Sphere, Boots of Speed and Eye of Skadi. I don’t know what items to be place yet with the 2 empty slots. (Uhhmm... maybe, Mekanism and Butterfly)

If you have some additions, suggestions or reactions, just leave it in my comments or e-mail me. Thanks!

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