Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monitor Problems

Recently, my computer monitor does unusual operations . It automatically turns off when it is used in 5 to 10 minutes. Though, the monitor has turned off, but my CPU is still working and running. I’ve tried the “ctrl+alt+del”, but still, it does not respond at all. Same thing if I press twice “ctrl+alt+del”, which happens to be a restart keyboard command, but still nothing happens. The monitor button changes to orange from color green and this really freaks me out.

I scanned my computer with updated anti-virus and spy-wares, but it doesn’t detect any unwanted files, viruses or worms. I tried everything I could. I searched through the internet however; I can read it unfinished because it turns off again… duhhh!!!! What could be the problem? I want to reformat my computer but I have a lot of documents and it takes a lot of time for me to make a back up for my files. It would be possible, that this back-up process will be incomplete due to the monitor problem.

When I’m in workoffice I have the chance to research on this problem through the internet. Search engines really aid you instantly and provide desired information, like forums, blogs and websites. Either it offers answers to your questions or solutions to your problems. It says that I am encountering hardware problems in the CPU. So, I printed the possible solutions in a piece of paper so that when I get home I’ll be depending on it and use it as a guide. Just in case I forget its instructions.

I opened my CPU tower case and checked its CPU fan. Damn! It’s not spinning. I guess its time for its replacement because I’ve been using it CPU for almost 5 years. I’ve solved the problem yet it’s undone for the reason I have to save some money for its replacement. (Sob) I can’t see the results now.


sun goddess said...

far out tong tanong ko, but i really have to know... how do you get people to view your blogs when i can't even find my own blog site in any search engines?

Jaz said...

hi sun goddess! thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. hmm try using search engines for your question. they will help you a lot! ^_^