Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sana Ngayong Pasko Karaoke/Instrumental

Hi everyone! I uploaded an OPM Christmas Song in Youtube, since I received lots of email requests for this song, "Sana Ngayong Pasko". Hope you like it and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Online Games: a Threat for Extinction of Outdoor Game

When I was in my school age, everybody is very excited to jump off to their seats right after class. Because at those times, we can now play our game called “patintero”. There’s no limit on the players for as long as both teams have an even line-up. This game is every exciting, not only fun but can also test your ability to think fast and practices your decision making. Also it involves cardio fitness exercise and speed. So it’s like playing and at the same time learning and exercising. There are a lot of games out there that can provide those kinds of benefits, just like hide and seek, Basketball, Volleyball, “tumbang preso”, playing with marbles, playing cards, and a whole lot more. It can make you feel young again.

But the kids now a day are preferred to play online or LAN games like DotA rather than outdoor games. Whole day staring at their monitors, clicking on their mouse and waiting for their characters to level up and some of those games are most likely exposing some violent act. They also pay not only for the time that they consume but also they will buy card for the purpose of that piece of crap, it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t get the point. Where’s the good beneficence that this online games provide? Others might say that, its fun or challenging or what so ever. The reality is, they spending their money for some non-sense business and then not even a single move of muscles it cannot provide.

If this act will continue without a proper guidance from the parents, these children will end up a rebellious and criminal minds in the near future. In related to health and fitness, prolong use of computer (online gaming freak) will be likely acquired symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome (A condition characterized by pain and numbing or tingling sensations in the hand and caused by compression of a nerve in the carpal tunnel at the wrist.), blurring of vision or worst is muscle atrophy (shrinking of muscles).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

History of Playing Cards

playing cards
The playing cards of today were made for a reason. And the reason behind this is for recreational purposes. However, technically, card games were derived from the games that were played using the Chinese dominoes or tiles. It was when paper dominoes were shuffled and dealt by the Chinese in new games.

Though the earliest authentic references to playing cards in Europe dated back to 1377, other sources show that the Europeans only imported these 4-suited decks with court cards from the Islamic Empire before 1370. Etymological evidences showed however, that the Arabs introduced the playing cards to the Europeans in the second half of the 14th century.

Playing cards really originated in China as early as the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). According to Ouyang Xiu (1007–1072) of the Song Dynasty, in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, card games already existed. In fact, paper rolls which were used back then, was replaced by sheets of pages during the 9th century.

During 1370’s, before the cards were spread out to the northeast, towards the rest of Europe, it was first established in Italy. However, since it became a form of gambling, many laws and ordinances banned the playing of these game cards. There were at least three records between 1367 and 1378, stating that playing cards were banned in Europe.

In the 14th century, with the invention of woodcuts, Europeans began the mass production of playing cards. On the Renaissance period, the idea of pictures being painted on the back of the playing cards came from Tarot cards at that time.

During the 15th century, the invention of the French, German, and Latin suit systems gave way to a new era of playing cards. Each has its own distinct symbols representing their own cultures. It was the French designs which consist of spades, clubs, diamonds, and clubs, that became the standard in England. Then the British colonies in America had a great demand for the new set of playing cards, which was answered by a large quantity of supply from the makers at French.

The new set of playing cards had officially arrived in the United States during the 1800’s. The Yankees had some major contributions on the playing cards such as the invention of the Joker, double-headed court cards (to avoid the nuisance of turning the figure upright), varnished surfaces (for durability and smoothness in shuffling), indexes (the identifying marks placed in the cards’ borders or corners), and rounded corners (which avoid the wear that card players inflict on square corners).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Communication and Socialization

Communication nowadays is becoming an important aspect in daily life. A person, who loves to socialize and interact to other people through communication, would gain information and awareness about his surroundings. In the past, long distance communication seemed impossible to achieve but because of technology, mobile devices were made.

Cellular phone device is one alternative way of reaching long distance communication. Through the use of cellular phone device, our way of living has heavily changed. A cellular phone is a small device with a keypad for typing messages and a small screen to monitor the activities and read received messages. This device is manufactured by big companies such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola etc. They have different cellular phone units with different costs depending on the features that it possesses.

Because of the rapid growth of technology, old cellular phone units are fast becoming obsolete in order to give way to newer models. These newer models have a better performance than compared to the old ones because it has a built in camera attached to it. It also has a voice messaging feature, a bluetooth device, is WIFI ready and has many other features.

Despite its difference in terms of features, the old and new phones would need sim packs from telecommunication companies in order to operate properly. In the Philippines, there are currently four companies, who are engaging in telecommunication services. These companies are Smart, Globe, Talk and Text, and Touch Mobile. They compete with each other in order to gain numerous subscribers. Each of them provide unique services and features which makes them different from each other.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Download Daughtry Poker Face Mp3

I'm sharing you an acoustic version of Daughtry - Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover). Watch him as he performed this song live on the radio in Germany.

You can also listen to this song through imeem:

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Benefits of Using Facebook

Social media websites, like Facebook, are making a huge impact in the world of internet marketing today. Because of this, friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time have found a way to reconnect again. It’s because social media advertising helps people in many ways. It is capable of combining and incorporating other features such as blogs, videos, instant messaging, games, and photos into its website. This technology brings forth lightning fast communication that impresses anybody who uses it.

It is fast becoming a popular tool among internet and online marketers, for the products or services that each one has to offer. It is very effective in reaching out potential clients worldwide. According to the latest survey of social media sites, Facebook is at the top of the list. Marketing your business online is made easy by using Facebook.

Creating a Facebook account is easy. All you need is a valid email address, which you are going to use for registering a personal or business account. After signing-up, you are then required to fill-up the blank fields such as name, age, and date of birth, education background, and many more. This is important because it is how people would find you with the personal information you have provided. You may now begin to add friends by either searching them from within the site or through email invitation. It’s a great way of finding your friends from the past.

When it comes to internet marketing, Facebook is reliable on promoting or advertising external websites. You can post anything on the status update tool like posting useful links from the website you’re working on to help promote it. Providing your own content would give valuable information to your reader. Also, joining groups and forums which you can relate to, would help disseminate the information you hold.

Indeed, Facebook has many purposes in the field of internet marketing. Aside from being user-friendly, it has simple to follow features and services that would be very beneficial to you. Not only does Facebook marketing bridge the gap between friends and loved ones, but also gives solutions in promoting sites.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Download DotA Map Version 6.60b

Icefrog have started working on another new DotA map version 6.61 which will be available soon. He said that he will make a quick patch with balance improvements. Some say that the two new heroes, Batrider and Tauren Chieftain, and remake of Razor are too imbalance. Some heroes now are also useless and weak perhaps because of new items which were introduced in DotA map version 6.60.

Since more and more female players are playing this game, they suggest that a strength-type female hero should be added.

By the way, another new DotA map version has been released and you can download here the latest version of DotA-All Star official map: DotA Map: 6.60b

Here’s the 6.60b Changelog:
  • Some minor performance optimizations
  • Fixed a fatal error possible when 2 users with blademail active fight each other
  • Fixed a desync bug when using -tips while other map languages are in the game
  • Fixed Force Staff so it doesn't push you into an impassable terrain
  • Fixed some bugs with RS and other modes like RD
  • Fixed a group memory bug
  • Fixed camera from moving when you pick a hero in RD
  • Fixed pink player from not being able to pick the furthest hero in -CD
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Echo Stomp to not get dispelled upon damage
  • Fixed some issues with Treant Protector's Eyes In The Forest
  • Fixed a multiple quelling abuse
  • Added a note in the tooltip about Kunkka not being able to use Quelling Blade
  • Fixed a minor visual cooldown glitch with the MKB toggle
  • Temporarily disabled -terrain snow. It was causing annoying visual side effects for all terrain modes when exploring terrain that had previously destroyed trees. I'll restore this functionality as soon as I can.
  • Fixed some typos
“This is just a quick bugfix patch to fix exploits being abused. More changes and balance tweaks will come soon in the next patch.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Incoming Face Off in Boxing Arena

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.After the fight of Manny Pacquiao with Ricky Hatton, the boxing world’s attention may now be in focus for the incoming face off between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez this 18th of July.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the former pound-for-pound king in boxing, gave some statements about Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. He thinks that Juan Manual Marquez is more dangerous than Manny Pacquiao. And he truly believes that Juan Manuel Marquez won his previous fights with Manny Pacquiao.

According to Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico, he admitted that Manny Pacquiao is a much better boxer compared to him. Manny Pacquiao continues to improve in every fight he enters. But Juan Manuel Marquez didn’t give up on his dream to beat Manny Pacquiao, someday. He also said that he is ready to eliminate Manny Pacquiao in the ring after his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez are now both in London to promote and announce their incoming boxing match on July 18, which would be held in MGM Grand Garden Arena at Las Vegas, Nevada, entitled as “Numero Uno or Number One”. The winner between the Mayweather Jr. and Marquez fight would then, have the chance to fight against Manny Pacquiao on January next year.

This coming fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be the first fight of Mayweather, after coming out of his retirement last November 2007. Floyd Mayweather Jr. said that he respects the different styles and techniques of Marquez in the boxing ring.

Juan Manuel Marquez gave a statement of what Floyd Mayweather Jr. said. He replied that Mayweather Jr. would be very sorry, for returning to the ring because he’s ready to eliminate Mayweather Jr. on their incoming fight. And that he wishes to win the fight in order to get back and fight again the people’s champ Manny Pacquiao.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Download DotA Map Version 6.60

The long wait is over for DotA game addicts. DotA official map version 6.60 can now be played. The latest map version has a lot of changes. There are new two characters added, Batrider and Tauren Chieftain, and put in some new items. You will also notice that there are changes in some previous characters.

You can get here the latest Dota-All Star official map: Dota Map: 6.60

Jin’zakk, the Batrider is the new intelligence type hero of Scourge. His skills are Sticky Napalm, Flamebreak, Firefly and ultimate Flaming Lasso. The ultimate skill is like Rhasta’s Shackles but the Batrider can move around and drag his targeted enemy anywhere.

Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren Chieftain is also the new added strength type hero of Sentinel. He’s prophesied as the mightiest warriors and wise as the eldest shamans. His skills are Echo Stomp, Ancestral Spirit, Natural Order and his ultimate Earth Splitter. I think this hero is very annoying. When releasing his Ancestral Spirit, the spirit can injure and stun his foe in a distance.

All skills from Razor, the Lightning Revenant, have been changed. These are Plasma Field, Static Link, Unstable Current and ultimate Eye of the Storm. His ultimate skill can only target nearby enemies with the lowest life (HP). Some say that the remake of this hero is now imba.

The new added basic items are Ghost Scepter, Quelling Blade and Talisman of Evasion. New recipe items are added as well and these are Poor Man's Shield, Force Staff, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight and Magic Wand.

Right now, I’m still studying the new changes of the latest map. I’ll post right away my tips and item builds for the new heroes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Download Daughtry No Surprise Mp3

Daughtry – No Surprise
Daughtry performed their latest single, No Surprise, on the American Idol 8 show last month on the 9th of May and they got platinum worldwide sales award. “No Surprise” will be included in their second album, “Leave this Town”, that will be released on July 14, 2009. Chris Daughtry wrote this single with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Eric Dill and Rune Westberg.

Sharing you the first single from their upcoming album by Daughtry entitled “No Surprise”.

Download: Daughtry – No Surprise Mp3

Listen to Daughtry – No Surprise:

daughtry leave this town

Daughtry – No Surprise Lyrics:

I've practiced this for hours, gone round and round
And now I think that I've got it all down
And as I say it louder I love how it sounds
Cause I'm not taking the easy way out
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why

It's no surprise I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise

It came out like a river once I let it out
When I thought that I wouldn't know how
Held onto it forever just pushing it down
Felt so good to let go of it now
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why

It's no surprise I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
There's nothing here in this heart left to borrow
There's nothing here in this soul left to say

Don't be surprised when we hate this tomorrow
God knows we tried to find an easier way
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise

Our favorite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
That's why this comes as no, as no surprise

If I could see the future and how this plays out
I bet it's better than where we are now
But after going through this, it's easier to see the reason why

It's no surprise I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise

Our favorite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tattoos: The Art of Body Painting

Tattoo is a common body art for the male population. Almost all of the male populace in this world have tattoos on their body. This has been considered an “in” thing nowadays that even women, has also been encouraged to put some tattoos on their bodies. Many people would seem to be disgusted with this but when they look at it in a positive way, they would be able to adore it.

Tattoos are a symbol of courage for most of its owners. It can also represent freedom or being independent. Tattoos don’t just mean looking awesome but being adults and taking responsibilities on their own.

Well, there are types of tattoos that are not permanent. This temporary tattoo is called henna which would last only for a few weeks. This type of tattoo is not painful and is just simply drawn on the skin, while the permanent ones are inserted into the layers of the skin and are painful.

The art of tattooing is very popular and has already spread across the world, starting from Japan, New Zealand, Africa, North America, South America, and in the Philippines. The pintados (meaning the painted ones) is an indigenous tribe from the Philippines. They are considered to be one of the few people who treat tattoos as part of their bodies. These people have painted their bodies for the purpose of showing how courageous they are.

To have a tattoo in the old days is very risky because it does not have the precision of today’s equipment. A person may risk having infections back then in the process. That’s why the pintados considered that who ever survives the ritual would be known as strong and brave. Even with this, a person can only earn his tattoo after fighting wars. Tattoos are not just for fashion but it may represent many things depending on the culture. That is why before you criticize a person with tattoos, you must consider the positive aspects of body art.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends - The Best Tool You Can Lean On

Maybe it’s quite strange to you that a friend can also be an important part of your life. Maybe, you already had your friends since when you were at a very young age. Having good friends are going to add some nice memories to your life. To be with a friend whom you can trust means that every hour spent with him/her, would make your day worthwhile.

It is an enjoyable experience of being with your friend on the outdoors. Both of you would go to new places and do new things which you enjoy together. Moreover, the only thing you need to impart to your friend is that you should also be a good friend to him/her. Let them know you care and show empathy. Just imagine putting yourself in his/her situation when something goes wrong. That wouldn’t sound good right.

Looking back to your younger days, you experienced a lot of fun and happy moments with your dearest friends. Sometimes it’s undeniable that you did those disappointing performances which resulted to conflicts to other groups. Those unforgettable experiences with your friends cannot be paid by money at all. Those are the best moments that you can treasure and cherish with all your life.

In addition, we all know that a strong bond of friendship comes from being honest, thoughtful and other good traits as well. Friends would help you solve your problems and give sympathy whenever you’re in difficulty. And of course, they will not hurt you and won’t let somebody hurt you too. Friends respect each other and try to understand ones feelings or mood. That’s how real friendships work out and lasts for a lifetime.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tips on Buying a Cell Phone

Nowadays, there are a lot of cell phone companies that are competing against each other. Even though there are many good phones out here. But still, you’ll be having a hard time in choosing the best phone because of its different categories and characteristics. Each cell phone offers different types of features, style, and quality that would fit the taste of various customers.

If you are looking for a camera or walkman phone, one of the choices for you would be Sony Ericsson. In terms of style, Samsung or Motorola phones would be the choices for you. Nokia is another option if you want to go for a phone that is easy to trade and has simple to follow instructions. Each brand brings to you different strength and weaknesses, which is why you need to choose carefully the phone that suits to your needs.

Here are some tips that may help you when buying a cell phone:
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable with your phone in terms of navigation on the keypad and controls.
  • Always remember to keep the warranty information of the unit, and submit registration information when necessary. Inquire for the credibility of the cell phone dealer/distributor as well as the duration of their return/replacement policies.
  • Read articles from forums on the internet about the brand, model and quality of the phone you are selecting before purchase. Also, be sure to ask relevant questions on areas of doubts with your dealer before buying.
  • Keep in mind to always check for seals and genuine stickers on the box and on the unit itself. Make sure that your new mobile phone is legally sold and has not been tampered with in any way.