Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tattoos: The Art of Body Painting

Tattoo is a common body art for the male population. Almost all of the male populace in this world have tattoos on their body. This has been considered an “in” thing nowadays that even women, has also been encouraged to put some tattoos on their bodies. Many people would seem to be disgusted with this but when they look at it in a positive way, they would be able to adore it.

Tattoos are a symbol of courage for most of its owners. It can also represent freedom or being independent. Tattoos don’t just mean looking awesome but being adults and taking responsibilities on their own.

Well, there are types of tattoos that are not permanent. This temporary tattoo is called henna which would last only for a few weeks. This type of tattoo is not painful and is just simply drawn on the skin, while the permanent ones are inserted into the layers of the skin and are painful.

The art of tattooing is very popular and has already spread across the world, starting from Japan, New Zealand, Africa, North America, South America, and in the Philippines. The pintados (meaning the painted ones) is an indigenous tribe from the Philippines. They are considered to be one of the few people who treat tattoos as part of their bodies. These people have painted their bodies for the purpose of showing how courageous they are.

To have a tattoo in the old days is very risky because it does not have the precision of today’s equipment. A person may risk having infections back then in the process. That’s why the pintados considered that who ever survives the ritual would be known as strong and brave. Even with this, a person can only earn his tattoo after fighting wars. Tattoos are not just for fashion but it may represent many things depending on the culture. That is why before you criticize a person with tattoos, you must consider the positive aspects of body art.

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