Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends - The Best Tool You Can Lean On

Maybe it’s quite strange to you that a friend can also be an important part of your life. Maybe, you already had your friends since when you were at a very young age. Having good friends are going to add some nice memories to your life. To be with a friend whom you can trust means that every hour spent with him/her, would make your day worthwhile.

It is an enjoyable experience of being with your friend on the outdoors. Both of you would go to new places and do new things which you enjoy together. Moreover, the only thing you need to impart to your friend is that you should also be a good friend to him/her. Let them know you care and show empathy. Just imagine putting yourself in his/her situation when something goes wrong. That wouldn’t sound good right.

Looking back to your younger days, you experienced a lot of fun and happy moments with your dearest friends. Sometimes it’s undeniable that you did those disappointing performances which resulted to conflicts to other groups. Those unforgettable experiences with your friends cannot be paid by money at all. Those are the best moments that you can treasure and cherish with all your life.

In addition, we all know that a strong bond of friendship comes from being honest, thoughtful and other good traits as well. Friends would help you solve your problems and give sympathy whenever you’re in difficulty. And of course, they will not hurt you and won’t let somebody hurt you too. Friends respect each other and try to understand ones feelings or mood. That’s how real friendships work out and lasts for a lifetime.

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Lemmy said...

ohh.. this blog piece is touching. how lucky your friends are to have you :D