Friday, June 12, 2009

Download DotA Map Version 6.60

The long wait is over for DotA game addicts. DotA official map version 6.60 can now be played. The latest map version has a lot of changes. There are new two characters added, Batrider and Tauren Chieftain, and put in some new items. You will also notice that there are changes in some previous characters.

You can get here the latest Dota-All Star official map: Dota Map: 6.60

Jin’zakk, the Batrider is the new intelligence type hero of Scourge. His skills are Sticky Napalm, Flamebreak, Firefly and ultimate Flaming Lasso. The ultimate skill is like Rhasta’s Shackles but the Batrider can move around and drag his targeted enemy anywhere.

Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren Chieftain is also the new added strength type hero of Sentinel. He’s prophesied as the mightiest warriors and wise as the eldest shamans. His skills are Echo Stomp, Ancestral Spirit, Natural Order and his ultimate Earth Splitter. I think this hero is very annoying. When releasing his Ancestral Spirit, the spirit can injure and stun his foe in a distance.

All skills from Razor, the Lightning Revenant, have been changed. These are Plasma Field, Static Link, Unstable Current and ultimate Eye of the Storm. His ultimate skill can only target nearby enemies with the lowest life (HP). Some say that the remake of this hero is now imba.

The new added basic items are Ghost Scepter, Quelling Blade and Talisman of Evasion. New recipe items are added as well and these are Poor Man's Shield, Force Staff, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight and Magic Wand.

Right now, I’m still studying the new changes of the latest map. I’ll post right away my tips and item builds for the new heroes.

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