Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Puck - the Faerie Dragon (DOTA All Stars) And Tips

Another intelligence-type sentinel has been added in DOTA All Stars 6.48 version. Recently, this has been one of my favorites in the newest edition of this game. At first glance with this character, I thought it was a butterfly. I don’t get it. Does he look like a dragon? Uhmm, forget about that, I’ll just give you the background of this Faerie Dragon.

“In Sentinel’s search for heroes to aid them in the war against the Scourge, they discovered the lost lands of the mystical Faerie Dragons. Upon explaining the conflict to the Faerie Queen of Agrace, she sent forth Puck, a personal guardian, to turn the tides of war.

Despite his small size and mischievous personality, the little dragon soon proved to pack more than his fare share of power on the battlefield, blasting through the enemy ranks with balls of magic, faerie dust, and the capability to stupefy an entire army with nothing more than his imagination. His foes all learned the hard way that size matters not in combat and that appearance are, ultimately, deceiving.”

dota puck
Puck - Faerie Dragon
Range: 600 Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 17 + 1.7 Agi: 22 + 1.7 Int: 27 + 3.5
Damage: 40 - 51 HP: 473 Mana: 351
HP Regen: Mana Regen:
Attack Speed: Armor: 2

puck skill illusory orb
Illusory Orb (R)
Sends a magic orb flying down a straight path damaging everything in its way. At any time during the life of the orb the Faerie Dragon may teleport up to it, taking its place. 1800 Range, 225 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 70 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 140 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 210 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 280 damage.
Mana Cost:
Cooldown: 15

puck skill wanning rift
Wanning Rift (W)
Releases Puck's mystical fairie dust around him dealing damage and silencing enemies. 400 AOE.
Level 1 - Deals 60 damage and Silences for 0.1 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 120 damage and Silences for 1 second.
Level 3 - Deals 180 damage and Silences for 2 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 240 damage and Silences for 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 10

puck skill phase shift
Phase Shift (F)
Shifts the Faerie Dragon out of existence for a brief period, temporarily avoiding any further damage.
Level 1 - Up to 0.75 seconds.
Level 2 - Up to 1.5 seconds.
Level 3 - Up to 2.25 seconds.
Level 4 - Up to 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 50/40/30/20
Cooldown: 6

puck skill dream coil
Dream Coil (C)
Puck's powerful imagination engulfs an area, creating coils of volatile magic that damages and stuns enemy units as it latches on to them. Stretching the coils beyond 600 range causes it to snap and deal additional damage and stun time. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1 - Initial: 100 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 100 damage and 1.5 seconds stun.
Level 2 - Initial: 150 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 150 damage and 2.25 seconds stun.
Level 3 - Initial: 200 damage and 0.5 seconds stun. Coil Break: 200 damage and 3 seconds stun.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200
Cooldown: 85

Ezalor’s normal attack seems to be exactly with this character. His skills are Illusory Orb, Wanning Rift, Phase Shift, and the ultimate Dream Coil as shown above. The combo attacks are just easy to learn. When I tackle my enemies, I use Illusionary Orb (R), then, if the orb hits or near my opponents, I press (E) right away which teleports him at the present orb’s location (it can be also used as escape from your enemy), next is the Wanning Rift (W), which gives damage and silences the skills of your nearby foes, and then finally, the Dream Coil (C) that gives damage and stuns nearby enemies. But before I get into the battle, I auto-activate first the Phase Shift (F) skill which avoids hits and damages.

In boosting money, this is my combo: (R)>(E)>(W). It is more effective if I use Radiance with maximized skill levels. By the way, I equip Puck with these items: Radiance, Linken Sphere, Boots of Speed and Eye of Skadi. I don’t know what items to be place yet with the 2 empty slots. (Uhhmm... maybe, Mekanism and Butterfly)

If you have some additions, suggestions or reactions, just leave it in my comments or e-mail me. Thanks!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monitor Problems

Recently, my computer monitor does unusual operations . It automatically turns off when it is used in 5 to 10 minutes. Though, the monitor has turned off, but my CPU is still working and running. I’ve tried the “ctrl+alt+del”, but still, it does not respond at all. Same thing if I press twice “ctrl+alt+del”, which happens to be a restart keyboard command, but still nothing happens. The monitor button changes to orange from color green and this really freaks me out.

I scanned my computer with updated anti-virus and spy-wares, but it doesn’t detect any unwanted files, viruses or worms. I tried everything I could. I searched through the internet however; I can read it unfinished because it turns off again… duhhh!!!! What could be the problem? I want to reformat my computer but I have a lot of documents and it takes a lot of time for me to make a back up for my files. It would be possible, that this back-up process will be incomplete due to the monitor problem.

When I’m in workoffice I have the chance to research on this problem through the internet. Search engines really aid you instantly and provide desired information, like forums, blogs and websites. Either it offers answers to your questions or solutions to your problems. It says that I am encountering hardware problems in the CPU. So, I printed the possible solutions in a piece of paper so that when I get home I’ll be depending on it and use it as a guide. Just in case I forget its instructions.

I opened my CPU tower case and checked its CPU fan. Damn! It’s not spinning. I guess its time for its replacement because I’ve been using it CPU for almost 5 years. I’ve solved the problem yet it’s undone for the reason I have to save some money for its replacement. (Sob) I can’t see the results now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A House That Creates A Thousand Thoughts

Last month, I traveled from Marawi City back to my beloved hometown, Davao City. I asked my co-worker, when will we arrive in Davao? She said, “We’ll be there in more than 6 hours if we pass through Cagayan de Oro City”. It was the longest and farthest trip I’ve traveled so far. Just imagine, you’ll be staying in your seat for more than 6 hours? (duhhh…)

I kept thinking of any solutions for my problems to forget on what I had been experiencing during my travel but, how? There are a lot of reasons and I’ll tell you. First, I wasn’t comfortable on my seat and I couldn’t even spread out my legs. Second, my feet had started to numb followed with my aching back. Then, I’ve been trying to sleep but my head kept banging slightly anywhere. I tried various sitting positions just to make myself comfy but still, all of them won’t effect. There are times I wanted to break the doorglass beside me just to breathe some fresh air. I really hate air-conditioned vehicles; it feels like I could hardly breathe or suffocated. Lastly, my body began freezing and I guessed that I’ll be frozen dead already when we reach Davao. Just think about that!

Later, I enjoyed gazing at the beauty of nature and somehow it made me relieved and relaxed. Whew! Thank God for He created those things with a lot of purpose. I was lucky that I seated beside the doorglass of the vehicle for I had the advantage to see those eye-catching landscapes. Suddenly, I saw a strange house somewhere in the middle of Bukidnon that really caught my interest. Since our vehicle was moving swiftly, I was stunned when I fixed a glimpse at the house.

Although, our vehicle moved in high-speed, different imaginations came promptly. I thought it was like a “Bayanihan” scene, a set of unified citizens carrying the house that I used to see in my elementary and high school history books. It was also seemed to be like nearly polished house and the carpenters have been painting on it for final touch. Then, another impression came up into my mind. Oh my God, I thought that house will collapse and the people were trying to shun its destruction. What a weird imagination hahaha…

After imagining those extraordinary thoughts, my dilemma happened again. The backache, numbing feet, uncomfortable seat, freezing temperature, artificial oxygen and the banging head. How I wished Marawi and Davao are neighbors. When we reached at my hometown, I was so excited to get out of that vehicle just to stretch out my whole body.

Now, I recalled on what I saw last month and wondered who could be the architect of that house. I really admired who built that unique house but damn, I forgot to carry my digital camera so I never had a chance to take a picture of it. Oh thank God, my older sister took an image on it when she went to Cebu and asked her if this is the house in Bukidnon. She said yes and it is a haunted house. Hmmm… now, that’s another story hehehe… Here’s the image of the unique house.

haunted house

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Maphack In DOTA All Star Games

dota maphack

Do you really need to use the maphack? Or Is it that you just wanted to win the game? Why do you have to depend on maphack just to win the gory game and be a godlike? Do you enjoy playing those games in a fraudulent way?

I never expected to like this game because I only play online games. I always saw someone beside me in an internet café playing DOTA but it really never caught my attention. Why would I? They are so noisy shouting, insulting, blaming one another, etc. Their voice was so annoying. I feel like their voice reached beyond my eardrums and it spoils my concentration in my online game.

I had a chance playing it when my best friend forced me to join them in the DOTA game because they need one more ally. I always got killed in my first game, so I never liked it. I don’t know how to use skills and obtain items for my character. I told him I won’t play that game anymore. But he insisted and taught me how to upgrade skills and buy items. Later on, I began to like the game and wanted to know more strategies on how to beat my opponent who always knocks me off.

Right now, I’m so obsessed and I’ve been playing DOTA for almost 5 years. You won’t believe me that I am more addicted and have more knowledge playing this game than my friend who taught me on how to play this. This game is five maximum players on both sides. Once you know all the characters’ skills, items and capacities, you may able to know how to handle and overcome your foes.

But what if someone uses the maphack? Will it be a fair game? Absolutely not! I have heard from a friend last week that there are a lot of players using this maphack thing nowadays. He taught me how to activate the maphack and it was just too easy. You can even search it thru the net on how to trigger this. What’s the sense of playing the game with a maphack?

I realized that it’s not worth it if I win the game using the maphack because it is so unreasonable. I believe that if you used this, you’ll be considered a newbie or a noob including the author of this maphack. This is a strategic game! How can you evaluate yourself with this maphack in building strategies? You will never experience the process, the teamwork and the development of your own sets of skills.

I tried exploring the anti-maphack programs thru search engines but I can’t find any information on how to disable or prevent this thing. I hope that someone or the creators of this game will take an action to put off this problem because I am beginning to dislike it.

I know this is just for fun and I am not aiming for trophy, awards or something. Face the fact that it’s meaningless to win the game if you use the damn way. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Let’s be rational and be a man!