Monday, September 17, 2007

A House That Creates A Thousand Thoughts

Last month, I traveled from Marawi City back to my beloved hometown, Davao City. I asked my co-worker, when will we arrive in Davao? She said, “We’ll be there in more than 6 hours if we pass through Cagayan de Oro City”. It was the longest and farthest trip I’ve traveled so far. Just imagine, you’ll be staying in your seat for more than 6 hours? (duhhh…)

I kept thinking of any solutions for my problems to forget on what I had been experiencing during my travel but, how? There are a lot of reasons and I’ll tell you. First, I wasn’t comfortable on my seat and I couldn’t even spread out my legs. Second, my feet had started to numb followed with my aching back. Then, I’ve been trying to sleep but my head kept banging slightly anywhere. I tried various sitting positions just to make myself comfy but still, all of them won’t effect. There are times I wanted to break the doorglass beside me just to breathe some fresh air. I really hate air-conditioned vehicles; it feels like I could hardly breathe or suffocated. Lastly, my body began freezing and I guessed that I’ll be frozen dead already when we reach Davao. Just think about that!

Later, I enjoyed gazing at the beauty of nature and somehow it made me relieved and relaxed. Whew! Thank God for He created those things with a lot of purpose. I was lucky that I seated beside the doorglass of the vehicle for I had the advantage to see those eye-catching landscapes. Suddenly, I saw a strange house somewhere in the middle of Bukidnon that really caught my interest. Since our vehicle was moving swiftly, I was stunned when I fixed a glimpse at the house.

Although, our vehicle moved in high-speed, different imaginations came promptly. I thought it was like a “Bayanihan” scene, a set of unified citizens carrying the house that I used to see in my elementary and high school history books. It was also seemed to be like nearly polished house and the carpenters have been painting on it for final touch. Then, another impression came up into my mind. Oh my God, I thought that house will collapse and the people were trying to shun its destruction. What a weird imagination hahaha…

After imagining those extraordinary thoughts, my dilemma happened again. The backache, numbing feet, uncomfortable seat, freezing temperature, artificial oxygen and the banging head. How I wished Marawi and Davao are neighbors. When we reached at my hometown, I was so excited to get out of that vehicle just to stretch out my whole body.

Now, I recalled on what I saw last month and wondered who could be the architect of that house. I really admired who built that unique house but damn, I forgot to carry my digital camera so I never had a chance to take a picture of it. Oh thank God, my older sister took an image on it when she went to Cebu and asked her if this is the house in Bukidnon. She said yes and it is a haunted house. Hmmm… now, that’s another story hehehe… Here’s the image of the unique house.

haunted house


sun goddess said...

i can't remember when but this was featured in MGB for their halloween edition. Haunted house daw, sabi nila. We managed to stop by this house on our way home to davao. It's old and creepy but there are people living in it. I think it's like a home for the aged ata... can't remember... but anyway, i dunno if it's just me or that house is really... (shudders)

other than that.... it's a beautiful house in all its eeriness...

Marieliese Sereno said...

i used to live in bukidnon during my college days and yes this is a haunted house and i remember my grandma telling me that this house used to be so long that people call it as tore ni david but due to its old age it deterirated and the only thing left was the front. creepy as it is but i admire the one who designed the house coz its unique.