Sunday, September 16, 2007

Maphack In DOTA All Star Games

dota maphack

Do you really need to use the maphack? Or Is it that you just wanted to win the game? Why do you have to depend on maphack just to win the gory game and be a godlike? Do you enjoy playing those games in a fraudulent way?

I never expected to like this game because I only play online games. I always saw someone beside me in an internet café playing DOTA but it really never caught my attention. Why would I? They are so noisy shouting, insulting, blaming one another, etc. Their voice was so annoying. I feel like their voice reached beyond my eardrums and it spoils my concentration in my online game.

I had a chance playing it when my best friend forced me to join them in the DOTA game because they need one more ally. I always got killed in my first game, so I never liked it. I don’t know how to use skills and obtain items for my character. I told him I won’t play that game anymore. But he insisted and taught me how to upgrade skills and buy items. Later on, I began to like the game and wanted to know more strategies on how to beat my opponent who always knocks me off.

Right now, I’m so obsessed and I’ve been playing DOTA for almost 5 years. You won’t believe me that I am more addicted and have more knowledge playing this game than my friend who taught me on how to play this. This game is five maximum players on both sides. Once you know all the characters’ skills, items and capacities, you may able to know how to handle and overcome your foes.

But what if someone uses the maphack? Will it be a fair game? Absolutely not! I have heard from a friend last week that there are a lot of players using this maphack thing nowadays. He taught me how to activate the maphack and it was just too easy. You can even search it thru the net on how to trigger this. What’s the sense of playing the game with a maphack?

I realized that it’s not worth it if I win the game using the maphack because it is so unreasonable. I believe that if you used this, you’ll be considered a newbie or a noob including the author of this maphack. This is a strategic game! How can you evaluate yourself with this maphack in building strategies? You will never experience the process, the teamwork and the development of your own sets of skills.

I tried exploring the anti-maphack programs thru search engines but I can’t find any information on how to disable or prevent this thing. I hope that someone or the creators of this game will take an action to put off this problem because I am beginning to dislike it.

I know this is just for fun and I am not aiming for trophy, awards or something. Face the fact that it’s meaningless to win the game if you use the damn way. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Let’s be rational and be a man!

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