Monday, August 17, 2009

Communication and Socialization

Communication nowadays is becoming an important aspect in daily life. A person, who loves to socialize and interact to other people through communication, would gain information and awareness about his surroundings. In the past, long distance communication seemed impossible to achieve but because of technology, mobile devices were made.

Cellular phone device is one alternative way of reaching long distance communication. Through the use of cellular phone device, our way of living has heavily changed. A cellular phone is a small device with a keypad for typing messages and a small screen to monitor the activities and read received messages. This device is manufactured by big companies such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola etc. They have different cellular phone units with different costs depending on the features that it possesses.

Because of the rapid growth of technology, old cellular phone units are fast becoming obsolete in order to give way to newer models. These newer models have a better performance than compared to the old ones because it has a built in camera attached to it. It also has a voice messaging feature, a bluetooth device, is WIFI ready and has many other features.

Despite its difference in terms of features, the old and new phones would need sim packs from telecommunication companies in order to operate properly. In the Philippines, there are currently four companies, who are engaging in telecommunication services. These companies are Smart, Globe, Talk and Text, and Touch Mobile. They compete with each other in order to gain numerous subscribers. Each of them provide unique services and features which makes them different from each other.

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