Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Scam On Wowowee?

Wowowee is a variety game show for children and adults hosted by Willie Revillame (Papi) who brought fun and excitement for most local viewers including “The Filipino Channel” (TFC) subscribers in some other countries. The noontime show helped a lot of people even though Papi gives sometimes a little insensitivity in his jokes.

Despite of those words stated above, it created a lot of controversies that shocked most of the Filipinos who watched the show daily. It was first a stampede broke out on February 4, 2006. The root of the mad dash was closing the PhilSports Complex gates by the security. The people who can not get their tickets for the show rushed and panicked to enter the gates. It was reported that 74 people died and hundreds were injured. That was the most shocking accident happened in the whole history of Philippine television.

Another scandalous event happened last August 20, 2007, in their new segment called Wilyonaryo. There are two sets of films on the contraption, but Papi pulled the wrong film which displayed "0" instead of the right film, where the number 2 is detached from the contraption showing a second winning combination. There is something fishy happened in the game portion. Here’s the video if you’re unable to watch the details.

Lately, a new Wowowee scam has been uploaded in It’s for you to decide whether this show is a scam or not. Here's the clip:

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