Monday, November 26, 2007

"Dragon Wars" An Impressive Visual Effects Movie

dragon wars

“Dragon Wars” is based on a Korean legend concerning serpents named Imoogi. Every 500 years a woman is born with extraordinary powers called “Yuh Yi Joo,” that can transform an Imoogi into the mightiest dragon. They can either use the power to defend or wreak chaos on the universe. An early flashback segment located in South Korea about 500 years ago, the woman who possessed such great power and her guardian failed to do their task because of love. The past lovers both died but the heavens given them a chance after 500 years through incarnation.

In present day at Los Angeles, a 19 year old teenager named Sarah (Amanda Brooks) holds the power to transform the Imoogi. Ethan (Jason Behr of Roswell), a Los Angeles area new reporter and chosen to be the guardian of “Yuh Yi Joo”, learned Imoogi since childhood when his father went into some kind of an antique shop. The guardian has also extraordinary power that makes him invulnerable given by the pendant he wears. Sarah knew when she turn into 20 she’ll be in great danger. Sooner, Ethan realizes that she was tracked down by the evil Imoogi, “Buraki”.

Will the incarnated couple be successful this time? Watch this 55 minutes film with massive special effects and action scenes that makes the visual very exciting. Since it is a Korean based legend, it made a history all over the country’s movie industry as box office hit and currently ranks as the highest grossing film of 2007.

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