Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Use Speedhack in Pockie Ninja?

Steps on how to Speedhack in Pockie Ninja:

1. Download & Install Cheat Engine (CE).

2. Open CE and click that computer icon at the left top corner.

Speedhack in Pockie Ninja

3. Choose plugin-container.exe as a process.

4. Open/Use Firefox and login to your Pockie Ninja account.

5. Now on CE, click the checkbox, of Enable Speedhack.

Speedhack in Pockie Ninja

6. Choose the speed on the slider then click apply.

Speedhack in Pockie Ninja

Now you can save lot of time when doing Las Noches or challenge Valhalla, duel in Arena, or Bounty quest for hunting monsters.

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