Thursday, October 20, 2011

Korean Drama Series: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Set in Sungkyunkwan University in the late Joseon era during the reign of King Jeongjo, stories about four youths, the "Jalgeum" foursome played by Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee, Micky Yoochun as the intelligent and upright Lee Sun Joon, Yoo Ah In as rebellious “Crazy Horse” Moon Jae Shin and Song Joong Ki as the playboy Goo Yong Ha. When Yoon Hee’s younger brother’s illness becomes worse and her family is in danger of being cast out from their house due to difficulties. Because of her misery to support her brother and buy for medicine, she enters Sungkyunkwan University using her brother’s name, disguised as a boy because the school doesn’t accept girls.

I really thought Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Hee will end up together. They spark!

Watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal Trailer:

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filebookph said...

I love this series. Its so funny and romantic at the same time.