Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cabal Revolution and Perfect World Live Chat

Cabal Worldwide Revolution Begins Today

Games-Masters and OGPlanet, the European and North American publishers of Cabal Online have tied with Xfire to take you an amazing event! From now until July 21st, Xfire is hosting a Play 2 Win and Clans Competition for BOTH versions, doubling the friends, doubling the fun, and doubling the prizes!

Also, from July 7th to August 7th, there will be a special in-game hunt. Explore the maps of Cabal to get special Xfire items. Cabal gamers with the most Xfire items in each world at the end of the event will win amazing prizes.

On top of everything else, the European Cabal Game Masters will be coming on for a live chat, July 14th at 16:00GMT and 10 lucky Xfire users will win Platinum Accounts!

Find out more information about the in-game hunt and sign up for the Live Chat, Clans Competition and Play 2 Win Contest on the Xfire Cabal page.

Perfect World Live Chat

Perfect World, a free 2 play MMORPG, takes you the perfect mix of flight and fantasy on July 15th by Xfire. Chat live with the Game Masters of Perfect World at 2:00pm EDT then ask questions about the game and try for one of 15 great prizes.

15 Xfire users will win: 100 Cubit on Cubizone, 1 Golden Vital Hierogram, 1 Golden Sprit Hierogram and 500,000 in-game Gold.

To sign up for the chat, visit the Perfect World page.

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