Monday, December 5, 2011

Beach Capital in Natal Brazil - Ponta Negra Beach

Ponta Negra Beach is undoubtedly the most well-known tourist beaches capital in the city of Natal, Brazil. Before the place was developed due to tourism, Ponta Negra Beach was used to be a fisherman's village and other working residents during 90's. When foreigner investors recognized this beautiful place can be perfect for tourism industry, they started to develop this place for business such as great lodges, eating places and bars for parties at night. Since it is 4 kilometers long and considered as the large beach in the city, this will be a perfect place for having a nice walk with a chat along with families and friends and at the same time ideal for getting some exercises especially in the morning.

Since Ponta Negra has attracted travelers and tourists from local to international; hotels and Pousadas Em Natal are being built near the place. Some residents who live nearby converted their houses into restaurants, coffee shops, and any form of business that is in demand for tourists. Few spots of real estate properties left and most of its prices are now expensive.

Just in case, there are things that you might encounter problems when you get there at Ponta Negra Beach. If you were bringing your car, looking for parking space might be a problem. Parking space is only allowed along the street that is at the side of the shore. Some parking spaces are reserved for taxi cabs, police force vehicles, etc. There are only some exclusive parking space available there but there will an additional charge and give no security. With this, it might affect your budget during your travel.

In Natal, you can easily find special hotels along the beach shores and Pontalmar Praia Hotel is one of them and it is situated on the northern part of Brazil. It a newly constructed hotel beautifully designed and perfect for travelers or tourists who love beaches. Pontalmar Praia Hotel is just a step from the beach and every year more tourists come here to celebrate holiday vacation with friends and families especially Christmas, anniversaries, banquets, etc. This 4-star Hotel location is indeed an advantage and ideal for beachgoer tourists for it is only a few meters away from the beach and surrounded by shopping areas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs nearby.

The Pontal Mar Praia Hotel has 75 absolutely prepared rooms for tourists. All rooms offer typical amenities with having air conditioning, mini music bar, television, room service availability 24 hours a day, WiFi internet access, indoor restaurant, laundry services, recreational places such as water park with pools, fitness gym, sauna, massage center, lounges, games room, kid's playground and balconies facing towards the wonderful views of the beaches. An assorted breakfast is served in the restaurant where you can take pleasure in local and global dishes that is served during lunch and dinner times.

Ponta Negra Beach will absolutely give you worth memorable experience especially when you stay at one of the best hotel, Pontal Mar Praia Hotel.

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