Saturday, November 10, 2012

SpeedHack in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Game

Easy steps on how to use SpeedHack in Marvel: Avengers Alliance game on Facebook.

1. Download and install the program Cheat Engine (CE).

2. Open CE then click that computer icon at the left top corner of the program and a process list pops-up.

3. Select the one with Adobe Flash Player icon, (you can find 2 Flash icon there, so select the second one) and then click open.

4. Open Firefox, login to your Facebook account and play the game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

Note: This process works for Firefox browser only.

5. Going back to CE, click the checkbox with text, Enable Speedhack.

6. Select the speed on the slider or just simply put the speed number at the box. I recommend speed 5.0 for this game.

Now you can use all the energy in Marvel: Avengers Alliance game without any hassle.

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