Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Korean Movie: 100 days with Mr. Arrogant

Last weekend I watched this movie just because I was trapped by heavy rain and I can't go outside the house to spend a little break from my work. I thought this movie was corny, common and had predictable scenes since I saw Snow White pretending lying waiting for her prince to kiss her and break the spell from her sleep. After this is where funny and gross scenes had started. That teacher's booger is so epic. Other funny scenes that are unforgettable: Sailormoon's trademark pose, elevator with the girl and self defense training from a pervert guy.

By the way, the title of the movie is 100 days with Mr. Arrogant (My Love Ssagaji). A 2004 Korean movie by Ha Ji-Won and Kim Jaewon. You can watch the movie here and do not watch this while you are eating, lol.

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Ariel See said...

This is a great movie. One of my all time favorite k-movie actually :)