Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Amazing Discoveries

Please take note: These are only discoveries I've seen on the internet in the year of 2013. Some news might be old to you but not for me. :)

Water and Bleach Equals to 55-Watts Bulb Light

A pretty awesome practical idea especially when you live in dark places, without power supply or no windows. Recycling is one method way to GO GREEN and to save electricity as well.

Gameboy Android Gamepad

Gameboy might be an obsolete technology but you can still convert it into something new.

Revolutionary Paper Tablet

Our technology is getting thinner and thinner every year. I guess this is pretty useful when you are working in the office for reports, meeting presentation and other office related works. However, this is much better without cables or wires attached.

I'll keep this blog entry updated when I see any latest information and videos of discoveries this year.

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