Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Scandal?

There are a lot of gossips about American Idol Season 7 contestant, Ramiele Malubay, spread all over the internet. A lot of people reacted on her photos which can be seen in Facebook. Rumors said that she might be the next Antonella Barba, an American Idol Season 6 contestant. Antonella Barba had a sex scandal and nude photos that turned out to be the root of her chaos during the American Idol contest.

Indeed, those are Ramiele’s real pictures. However, this is totally different if you compare her to Antonella Barba. The images show that Ramiele was just having fun with her crazy friends and it tells that Ramiele was very playful in front of the camera. It is so obvious that they are just fooling around and having a good time, however, some people thought that what she did was scandalous.

ramiele malubay photo scandal ramiele malubay photo scandal

Stop making an issue out of these pictures. There is nothing shameful about it. Let us admit that when someone became famous, it is expected that you will be criticized by people even if you did a very little something. Ramiele had a point when she said that, "if you are hated, you are doing something right".

ramiele malubay photo scandal

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Anonymous said...

Its such a shame people are diggin up stuff bout these contestants. Theres nothing scandalous about these photos.