Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ramiele Malubay's Studio Version of Alone

Last week performance of Ramiele Malubay did not worked out well because she was suffering laryngitis. Here are the judges comments:

Randy = It wasn't the right song choice for me.
Paula = I'm hoping you stay through and keep going, because you're a very big talent in a little small package.
Simon = I didn't think it was as bad as Randy said.

Indeed, she was pitchy at that time when she performed Alone, originally sang by Heart. I even thought that she was at the bottom 3 this week but I'm glad that she wasn't.

Her performance was bad this week (see the video)

However, her performance in the studio version of Alone could have been her shining moments in the stage if no laryngitis. This is as good as Carrie Underwood's. (see the difference in the video)

I hope she can make it to the final. Keep on rockin' the stage Ramiele Malubay!

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