Monday, September 22, 2008

Captain Coco (Kunkka), the Admiral Proudmoore

Another strength-type sentinel hero has been added on Leaked DotA All Stars Map version 6.55 this September. My favorite hero has been added and his skills are really interesting. These are Tide Bringer, Ghost Ship, Captain’s Rum and X Marks the Spot.

His first skill Tide Bringer is a great use in farming. It gives an extra damage and cleaving attack which damages units nearby. The second one, Ghost Ship, is also useful especially when your opponent tries to escape. It will slow the movement of your opponents when hit by the ship then draws them closer but its health will not be affected. Captain’s Rum is the third skill that gives to a target ally or self with 20% bonus of movement speed, 50 % chance critical twice damage but there are also some instances that you will miss a hit to your opponent. Last skill is very useful when dealing opponents with blinking skills like Magina or Akasha or any opponents that uses town portal. It marks a targeted opponent with X in an area and after a few seconds, the opponent will go back to the X mark.

You will also notice a lot of changes in 6.55 DotA map:

- Ezalor's Mana Leak is now called Mana Rupture, which looks like the Ultimate Rupture of Bloodseeker, MP is damaged instead of HP. Ignis Fatuus does no longer spawns the healers, it has replaced with Blinding Light that blinds enemies, damages by 80% for 5 seconds, and it knocks back. Recall, the Ignis channels for 4 seconds, targeting an ally hero. After 4 seconds, the hero is teleported to the Ignis, a free travel however, Ignis should not be disturbed or else the channeling will be interrupted. The hero can freely move while waiting to be teleported.

- Tango now 3 charges which heal 115 hp over 16 seconds.

- Black King Bar recipe is now 1300 gold, but it is now used with mithril hammer instead of broadsword.

- Sentinel Base’s arrangement has been changed especially the item shops.

You can download here the Leaked DotA All Stars Map Beta 12 version 6.55

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