Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Best Gaming Blogger on Philippine Blog Awards 2008

Does anyone know who won the Best Gaming Blogger of Philippine Blog Awards? I’ve searched through the internet on who’s the winner but I did not get any information regarding this topic. I’ve read this on the news section of Level Up Games Philippine website and it was posted September 4, 2008. It says that they’re looking for the Best Gaming Bloggers and the Philippine Blog Awards just added this special category for Pinoy Gaming Bloggers.

The prizes are 2000 worth of Level Up load, 3000 pesos cash prize and a trophy. I tried to join the contest; however, the entry nomination has already ended last September 15, 2008. I felt so sorry because I didn’t have the chance to join the contest. I just want to know my capabilities if my blog site can qualify the Best Pinoy Gaming Blogger nominations. I hope I can join next Philippines Blog Awards event. Perhaps, I can get the chance to win those exciting prizes. Who knows? *lol*

By the way, I would like to congratulate 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for making it doing well and also the winners on the said event. I haven’t seen who won the Best Gaming Blogger on the official list of winners. Maybe, no one joined this category.

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Free Music said...

well nice stuff

Jepoy said...

Winners? Hehehe.. check 'em all at GameOPS. A wiki won the award... a wiki won a blog award. LOL

Jaz said...

Thanks Jepoy for the information... "wiki"!? lol!