Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My DotA Personality Test Result

My Result:


Having achieved a status greater than that of the Elitist, the Veteran is an accomplished player who now has sound knowledge of all the Tricks and Tips of Dota. It is quite possible for the Veteran to lose interest in any subject with relation to DotA or the game itself. A veteran's approach is more relaxed in comparison to the pro, they have achieved the outcomes designated by themselves, and play to boast their skill against other average players. [The Veteran is between the Elitist and Captain] 9/10

Here are the questions: (marked x were my answers)

1. When selecting a hero you would:

x Random
o Choose a character whom you enjoy playing
o Choose a character who you are good with
o Choose based on the enemies selection
o Nothing

2. When buying your starting items you would buy:

x Boots of speed
o Items that compliment your hero
o Items that have strategic effect againts enemy heroes
o Regular items you always get
o Nothing

3. When Choosing a lane you would:

o Choose a solo lane
o Choose a lane with a partner/friend
o Choose a lane where the enemy heroes are NOT a threat to your hero
x Choose any lane
o Nothing

4. When killing an enemy hero you would:

o Let your team have the kill no matter what
o Take the kill yourself no matter what
o Take the kill if i deserve it
x Let my team have the kill if they deserve it.
o Nothing

5. When destroying the tower you would:

x Only concentrate on the towers destruction
o Take the tower no matter what
o Take the tower If i deserve it
o Let my team have the tower
o Nothing

6. Your team is almost winning, you:

o Roshan
x Get on with the victory ASAP
o Tease the enemy team
o Drag the game on
o Nothing

7. A team-member is getting ganked. You know that even if you help you will die. You:

o Help anyway
o Dont help
x Set up a counter-gank
o Nothing

8. You are doing a final push into the enemy teams base, this could make or break your victory. You:

x Push with your team
o Fall back and push another lane alone
o Go back to base, you need to make an item
o Go back to base, your low on health (but not mana)
o Nothing

9. The enemy is coming to your base for a final push. You:

x Defend
o Push to their base in a different lane
o Go to the secret shop to finish off an item
o Do nothing, your dead.
o Nothing

10. You have just won your game. You:

o Remake
o Tease the losing team
o Say GG, and leave
x Congratulate your team for their effort
o Nothing

If you want to take the quiz, here's the link:

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