Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook, American Idol 2008

David Cook American Idol 2008With more than 12 million votes out of the record 97.5 million cast by viewers and America has decided to cast their votes to David Cook. My voting poll, "Who's going to be the next American idol 2008", here on my blog exactly matches on the final result. David A got 25% while, David C got 75% of votes here on my poll.

The voting results on American Idol 7 Finals Night did not matched with what the judges had said and I really really disagree that 3 songs which David Archuleta performed last night knocked out David Cook's performance. Also, I hated the way Randy Jackson giving out comments on David A because he's so exaggerated and it felt like he's trying to promote or convince America to vote for him. Reality check, David A's songs were so boring and forgettable unlike David C's performance, it totally rocked the stage. David Cook's 2nd song entitled "Dream Big" was my most favorite performance and loved the lyrics.

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